Wednesday , February 21 2018
Date: Feb 20,2018

International Goa News

St. Francis Xavier’s forearm set for cross-country tour, will get its own seat on Air Canada Angèle Regnier says travelling the country with the 465-year-old severed right forearm of St. Francis Xavier will be “like doing a road trip with a friend.” “I mean, I know it’s bones, but connected to that is a living friendship with St. Francis Xavier,” Regnier, the co-founder of Ottawa’s Catholic Christian Outreach, told As It Happens guest …

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‘EU is similar to India’s diversity’

Panaji: There are around 50,000 Indian students presently in the European Union. While the numbers studying in the UK are on the decline, those seeking higher education in the other European countries are only rising each year, Cesare Onestini, minister, deputy head of delegation of the European Union to India …

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