Date: Mar 23,2018
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    Gadkari also mined the political battlefield on his Goa visit

    Panjim: High-profile Shipping and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari, sent to Goa as the Prime Minister’s point man to sort out Goa’s mining stoppage fallout crisis, also mined Goa’s fluid political landscape. Sources revealed that more than one alliance partner did not agree to Ramkrishna (Sudin) Dhavalikar’s name being proposed as a possible CM, in the eventuality of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s treatment and recovery took longer. Another alliance partner threatened to pull out of the government if Dhavalikar was elevated. However, after Gadkari’s visit all this seems to have been laid to rest. Gadkari’s visit and meetings also appear to have been fairly successful in thwarting any threat to the coalition for now. Gadkari first met BJP MLAs on his arrival on March 19, at 9.45 pm. “The first thing Gadkari told the BJP MLAs is not to make any stray statements to the media and that there was no change in leadership as of now,” sources revealed. It is also learnt that the Deputy Speaker and Calangute MLA Michael Lobo was specifically told not to issue statements which would embarrass the government. Sources further revealed that MGP was the first coalition partner to meet Gadkari. PWD Minister Dhavalikar, MGP …

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  • Ponda, Sanquelim municipal poll dates announced

  • Reservation wards for PMC polls declared

  • Khanna is in charge of BJP Goa unit

  • RSS leader Puranik deputed to State BJP

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    Akeru Barros Pereira is no stranger to Goa. She is a writer, teacher and artist by profession, who lives and teaches in Japan. Married to Joao Barros Pereira from Cansaulim, Akeru has been visiting Goa since her marriage and finds Goa exotic compared to life in Japan. Her fascination and love for painting Goan homes goes back nearly three decades. Her first sketch was her husband’s ancestral house in South Goa. “For somebody from Japan, Goa is very exotic. When I visited Goa for the first time, the Indo-Portuguese houses captured my attention. I was fascinated by the combination of houses and coconut trees. I wandered around the neighbourhood of my husband’s house with my cameras. I am simply happy to draw or paint,” says Akeru. She loves to draw Goan houses because these houses are a mixture of both, Portuguese and Indian architecture, and the fruit of Goan peoples’ hard work. She is currently showcasing her works based on Indo-Portuguese Goan houses in an exhibition called ‘Casas Goesas’ at Carpe Diem, Majorda. The exhibition will be open to the public till April 1, 2018. She works with the unique combination of Chinese ink, watercolour and colour pencils on Japanese …

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  • Velim seafarer goes missing in high seas

  • Despite transformation, Panaji city still stands firm today: Celsa Pinto

  • IGP inspects new location for Navelim police station

  • Kharkhatiaghati ward at war with CCMC over garbage

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    Lent is an intensely penitential time to contemplate what Jesus Christ really did for us on the Cross. A time when the youth are called upon to take on equal responsibility as they would for activities during Christmas but  this time for the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. Fr Noel Menezes, heads the Ambassador of Christ (AOC) programs which includes the annual ‘Son Born’ programme that is held during the advent season. The concert is a four hour musical with praise, Worship, Surrender and Grace. The third edition of ‘Son Born’ which was held in December 2017, featured the original musical called “The Woman at the well” and the musical evening included original songs of praise and worship by the AOC musicals. Fr Noel has a special connection with the youth of Goa, as he has been closely working with them for many years. Before the AOC Musicals, Fr Noel organised the Marian programme with the youth. “These programmes would not work if they were not led by the youth. Whenever we have a plan for a programme, I have to inform them to know if they are interested and many respond openheartedly. I understand that every year life is …

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  • Book on history of tiatr released

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    Tiatr, Cantaram in a time of Political crisis

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    Monisponn ani Devosponn

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    Potential player needs the social support in order to thrive and excel, says Katz

    Katz NaidOO: It is important that coaches do not kill the dream of playing. The players dream about the game the whole day and the goal he is going to score at training. But that does not come to pass because you want to be the main guy, blurting out instruction and imposing demands.An insight into characteristics of children will guide your objectives, they are independent thinkers they are honest and will slate you by their parents. For example, coach talks much but he can’t juggle the ball.For children, it is not the result that is important. It is “hey Dad I scored a goal today”, whether he won or lost. H: Could you give us some suggestions that coaches, soccer schools and academies might use to improve grassroots football in Goa? KN: Firstly, I would say that any coaching concept or training session must strictly correspond with the mental and physical characteristics of the player his/her age and level of performance.Knowledge on Long Term Player Development (LTPD) and knowing what to teach when and how. Coaching is influencing therefore being dynamic and understanding progressive loading on all the factors is crucial.I recommend the game method of training as it …

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    Vasco SC overpower Panjim

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    Curtorim Gymkhana blank Arambol

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    Calangute, Guardian Angel share spoils

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    FC Bardez hold Cavelossim in a four-goal thriller

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