1,920 water meters stolen from PWD storeroom at Headland Sada


Stealing expensive equipment and material from a PWD storeroom at Headland Sada at Vasco has become child's play, with virtually no security posted at the premises. 
Barely days after a road-cutting machine was reported stolen, further skeletons are now tumbling out of the closet with PWD authorities admitting that nearly 2000 water meters officially worth Rs 4.75 lakh have been reported stolen from the PWD storeroom.
"The figure of stolen water meters was based on rough calculations and the actual water meters stolen is much more and could be well over Rs 20 lakh. When anyone asks for a water connection, these meters are sold to customers in black on grounds that there is a shortage of meters with the PWD," a reliable source told Herald.
It may be recalled that PWD (water) Assistant Engineer Vijay Kudchadkar had filed a police complaint on December 6 claiming that a road-cutting machine was stolen from the PWD storeroom at Headland Sada.
"On December 7, I decided to visit the other storeroom at PWD quarters at Headland Sada, when I found, to my surprise, the window grills of the storeroom open and some meter boxes lying around," Kudchadekar told Herald.
“When I went closer towards the window, I suspected that someone had stolen water meters and I directed Junior Engineer Anand Waghurmekar to file a complaint with Mormugao Police. Since police wanted a detailed report and number of water meters missing, a police complaint was lodged on December 11,” said Kudchadekar.
According to the complaint, about 1,920 old and new water meters worth Rs 4.75 lakh were reported stolen from the storeroom.
"The stolen water meters consist of 1,488 (3/4 inch) and 34 (1 inch) new water meters, as well as 280 (1/2 inch) and 120 (3/4 inch) old meters," Kudchadekar said.
When asked, Kudchadekar admitted that they do not have a storekeeper or security guard at the PWD storeroom at Headland Sada.
According to a reliable PWD source, there is no register on stock at the storeroom, due to which there was a delay in filing the police complaint. [H]