2 Apna Ghar inmates escape after damaging matron’s cabin


Two inmates escaped from the government-run Apna Ghar by jumping over the compound wall on Wednesday night after a mini riot saw some 4-5 of them damage and break the window glass of the matron’s cabin.
A complaint has been filed with the Old Goa police by the government home superintendent, confirmed the Old Goa police inspector, Mr Manoj Mardolkar.
The Apna Ghar has seen at least 46 inmates escaping from the shelter home in the past three years, government data showed, with 14 cases since 2009. However, no disciplinary action has been taken against anyone from the shelter or against any of the NGOs involved with it.
The inmates were even allegedly a part of a crime ring with local gangsters allegedly smuggling children from there and using them for robbery. Alleged involvement of one in murder has also been suspected. After a lot of pressure, the government had constituted an inquiry and a report was submitted to the government. Though the government has accepted the report in toto, there is no sign of any action on the criminal investigation into any of the unsavoury happenings. [NT]