200-tonne Goa sugarcane reaches Khanapur factory

Ponda: In a relief to the sugarcane farmers of the state, the government through the Sanjivani sugar factory has finally started harvesting the sugarcane, and is being transported to Laila Sugars Ltd, located at Khanapur, Belgavi, around 74 kilometres away from the factory at Dharbandora.

As per the information, while the harvesting was started on November 25, transportation started from November 26.

Also as per the farmers’ demand, sugarcane harvested from the farms is weighed at Sanjivani sugar factory’s gate at Dharbandora and then transported to Khanapur through the transport agency engaged by the state government.

So far, around 200 tonne of sugarcane has been transported since the last week, and the factory is expecting around 32,000 tonne of sugarcane from the state farmers this season.

According to Sanjivani officials, the state government has entered into an agreement with a Khanapur-based factory and has fixed an average rate for the sugarcane supplied to it.

The state government has also assured the farmers to provide the price difference like every year. Considering this, farmers will fetch around Rs 3,200 per tonne of sugarcane for this season like the last year, the officials said.

From Dharbandora, Laila Sugars is at a distance of around 74 km, and considering the distance as well as the Ghat road, the government has engaged a transport agency, with a good fleet of vehicles, to transport the sugarcane. 

The agency picks up harvested sugarcane from farms, weighs it at sugar factory at Dharbandora and then transports it to Khanapur.

“Weighing of sugarcane at the Dharbandora factory is provisional for our records, and the cane sent from Goa are yet again weighed at entrance of Khanapur-based factory’s premises,” senior official from the factory said.

Commenting on the commencement of harvesting and transportation of sugarcane, president of farmers’ association Rajendra Dessai expressed satisfaction and urged the factory to engage more labourers to harvest the canes.

“So far, around 7-8 groups are working on harvesting and most of these groups are engaged by the farmers. In order to harvest the sugarcane as early as possible, the factory needs to engage more labourers,” Desai said. [NT]