25,000 old chairs at Nehru stadium to be auctioned


 Nehru stadium manager, Mr Guru Vernekar on Friday disclosed that besides the 25,000 odd (plastic) chairs which have been removed in order to be replaced by the new ones, will be auctioned along with a host of other material that is lying dumped in the vicinity of the stadium.
The Nehru stadium is currently undergoing overhauling and renovation work in view of the forthcoming Lusofonia Games scheduled to commence in the state in November.
Asked how many chairs are lying dumped near the stadium Mr Vernekar stated that there would be about 25,000 plastic chairs along with its stand which he said are to be disposed off after following due process of auctioning.
Asked what other material is supposed to be disposed off, Mr Vernekar replied to say that there are aluminium windows, electrical material etc which is supposed to be disposed off, adding further that the sooner that is done the better it will be as the site will be free of any hindrance.
Asked what would be the value of the material that would be disposed off, Mr Vernekar stated that the valuers from the PWD will have to come first and value the material that is to be disposed off. “Once this is done, then the auctioning process will start,” he said.
Asked to provide detail information about the material to be disposed off, Mr Vernekar said that he does not have much details adding that more information could be sought on this subject from the higher authorities.
When the Executive Director of SAG was contacted he said that it is true that the unwanted material is to be disposed off adding further that the PWD valuers will value such material within this month. Asked when the auctioning of the material will take place, he said it will be done soon.
Sources within the SAG disclosed that no order has been placed yet for acquiring the new chairs.
Sources further disclosed that the SAG is looking for best quality of chairs and that in this connection they are looking out for a good agency which will supply quality chairs.
Asked how many new chairs will be required at the renovated stadium, sources said that the number of chairs to be acquired depends upon the space these chairs will occupy.
Meanwhile work of the renovation of the Nehru stadium is going on in full swing and is expected to be completed much before the scheduled date. [NT]