3 starred hotels in city fail to install waste composting units, face closure

Three of the city’s starred hotels are likely to have their ‘Consent to operate’ cancelled, for failing to install biodegradable organic waste composting machines, which is mandatory under the Consent issued to them by Goa State Pollution Control Board.

The hotels, had applied for renewal of Consent to operate in October. The GSPCB, while holding back the renewal, has directed the hotels to install the facility to process their organic waste. However, it is learnt, that hotels have refused to install the compositing units in their premises stating that the smell emanating out of the units would cause inconvenience to customers.

A source confirmed that while applying for the renewal, it was noticed that all the three hotels had failed to install the facility to treat their organic waste. They were accordingly called for hearing at which Corporation of the City of Panjim officials were also present.

The source said that hotels were not satisfied with CCP’s proposal, according to which the machines would be purchased by hotels and CCP will treat the waste generated by them. “CCP said that they will install the system at a convenient place,” the source said.

After failing to reach an agreement, the CCP and hotels have decided to hold a special meeting on Thursday to decide on how to go ahead with the proposal.

 “If they fail to install the facility then the consent to operate will not be renewed,” the source disclosed.

According to government’s 2009 directives, it is mandatory for all starred hotels to install a facility for processing their organic waste, to meet the standards for compost prescribed in the Municipal Solid Waste (management and handling) rules, 2000. [H]