4 more arrested in Khan murder as masterminds spill the beans


Acting quickly, Goa police cracked the Hassan Khan murder case within 72 hours. After arresting the masterminds on Saturday night, police arrested four contract killers residing in Belgaum, Karnataka on Sunday.
After the murder masterminds-Robert Gonsalves, a suspended draftsman of directorate of mines and geology, and Calangute contractor Raj Patel, alias Abhinandan-revealed the murder plan and the names of the others involved, a police team left Goa on Sunday and arrested one alleged killer in Kolhapur and three others in Belgaum.
The accused are Anil Maruthi Bhoe, 24, Ravi Prabhu Patil, 26, Arun Budaji Patil, 19, and Shivaji Raju Patil, 23, all of Khangrali, Belgaum.
The four accused had worked as labourers with Patel, police said and that Bhoe had told Patel that if the contractor required any help to assault or murder anybody, Patel should contact him (Bhoe).
Police said the four labourers were hired by Gonsalves and Patel to kill Khan. They had initially demanded 10 lakh for the murder but the deal was closed at 5 lakh, with the promise of an additional 2 lakh after the killing as a gesture of goodwill. Police said the supari killer was paid Rs 2 lakh as token money.
Police said that after killing Khan, the accused proceeded to Pune. A police team led by Panaji PI Rajendra Prabhudesai and Panaji local intelligence bureau (LIB) staff chased the accused and succeeded in arresting them.
Bhoe was arrested in Kolhapur and the other three were picked up from their homes in Belgaum. Police said the accused confessed to the murder and that they had done it for money on Gonsalves and Patel' instructions.
Police said Bhoe arrived in Goa on March 17 and wanted to kill Hassan when he was alone. Police said as they could not get Khan alone, Gonsalves who knew that Khan wanted to sell his car, came up with the plan to send Bhoe to Khan as a customer.
Patel showed Bhoe a picture of Khan and dropped three of the accused at Hassan's garage. The alleged killers and Khan then went towards Bambolim for a test drive.
Police said when they reached the Holy Cross Shrine near Bambolim, Bhoe asked Khan to stop the car.
Police said Bhoe who was sitting on the rear seat strangled Khan with a nylon rope and Arun Patil who was on the front seat stabbed Khan with a knife. Patel and Shivaji Patil who were following the car, then helped the three to escape.
Panaji judicial magistrate first class Sarika Faldessai sent the four accused to five days of police custody.
Khan's body had been found in his car on Thursday night at Bambolim. He had gone out with prospective customers for a test drive of his car that he wanted to sell and when he didn't return his family had started searching for him.
The story unfolds
Supari: Robert Gonsalves and Raj Patel hired four labourers, who were promised Rs 5 lakh to kill Hassan Khan. They were paid Rs 2 lakh in advance
Case cracked: Hassan Khan's relatives and friends told police about the fight between Gonsalves and the victim
Profile: Gonsalves was working as a draftsman in the directorate of mines and geology.
He was suspended following the Shah commission report, which cited action against those officers involved in illegal mining
The fight which led to the murder: Gonsalves and Khan were partners in a real estate business.
Gonsalves had collected token money amounting to around Rs 1.30 crore from customers promising them flats at Canca-Parra. The site was in Khan's name. When Khan came to know that Gonsalves had invested only Rs 40 lakh in the project, he dropped the former from the project. Customers started harassing Gonsalves for their money. Gonsalves entered into an argument with Khan which led to the murder . [TOI]