4-year-old sexually assaulted in Ponda


A 4-year-old girl is alleged to have been sexually assaulted outside a nursery school in Ponda Taluka on Tuesday, as cases of sexual assault and molestations have continued to shame the State.

According to available information, the incident is reported to have taken place in the morning, but the girl did not report the matter to her teacher. However, the child complained of discomfort in the genital area to her parents late in the evening.

The concerned parents rushed her to a private clinic in Ponda, where a doctor examined the child and noticed some abrasions. He then asked the parents to notify the police.

The parents along with the child reported the matter to Ponda police  and a police team went to the area of the crime in search of the suspect. The girl and her parents were at the police station till late Tuesday night, as police were in the process of recording the statements.

When contacted, Ponda police confirmed the incident but were reluctant to provide more details into the case. [H]