5 Panjim schools allotted plots


The Town and Country Planning department board has its approval for the allotment of plots to city educational institutions including Dempo, Mustifund and Hedgewar, at the school educational complex at Cujira St Cruz, officials said Wednesday.
 The government had acquired almost 1.12 lakh sq mts of land at Cujira, near the Dental College for the proposed integrated school complex in a bid to facilitate better facilities for educational institutions and to simultaneously decongest the city.
However, clearance was only issued for some 50 – 60,000 odd sq mts land with the balance, including slopes and green area to be retained in possession of the Education department, chief town planner, S Putturaja told media Wednesday. “Plots have been allotted to five different schools including two of Dempos.
Earlier, the total acquired area was proposed to be allotted. Now it has been redesigned and the requirement of the schools has been taken into consideration, depending on the student strength,” Putturaja said.
It may be recalled that way back in 2008, around 15 educational institutions had applied for land at the Government’s proposed education complex at Cujira, Curca-Bambolim and then Education Minister Atanasio Monserrate told the Goa Assembly that the quantum of land acquired for the complex was 1,11,784 sq mts and a policy was being framed for allotment.
The five schools are Mushtifund High School, Panjim; Dr K B Hedgewar High School, Mala; Rosary High School, Miramar; Anjuman Nurul Islam High School, Panjim and two schools of the Dempo group ~ Vasantrao Dempo Higher Secondary School of Arts and Science, Miramar and Voicuntrao Dempo Higher Secondary School of Commerce, Miramar which will be allotted one campus.
Two business groups have reportedly agreed to develop the land by levelling and preparing it for construction.
The government is due to sign a 99-year lease for all the five schools and the managements have to construct their school buildings, while the State government is obliged to prepare common facilities such as playgrounds, gymnasium and hall. The plots are provided by the government.
The scheme was initially notified in December 2009 after the land was acquired and it was decided to allot 10,000 sq mts of land to each of the schools. [H]