5 saved from drowning off Baga beach

Lifeguards saved five tourists, including two women from Pune, in Baga on Tuesday afternoon.

The group of five tourists, aged between 19 and 25 years, all from Pune, were swimming in a no-swim zone at around 4.50pm and were around 30m off shore when they started experiencing a sudden pull seaward in the water and were struggling to swim back. Lifeguards on the shore who had been observing them noticed them gesturing for help and rushed to their rescue with rescue tubes and a surfboard. All five were then secured to the rescue board and tubes and brought safely to shore.

Their names were given as Prasad Kaskar, Shahrukhar Ali, Shambhavi Mudbal, Sindura Gaiwad and Mugdha Kulkarni. They were later allowed to go after being given safety advice. [TOI]