68% of rapes in 2012 were against children


Goa has turned unsafe for minor girls. Statistics with Goa police reveal that 68% of rape cases registered in 2012 involved minors.
Last year, police registered 54 rape cases across the state of which 31 cases were registered under the Goa Children's Act. Police detected over 90% of the rape cases and charges have been filed in a majority of these.
Bailancho Ekvott president Auda Viegas said rapes on children are taking place because of misconception that if one has sex with children they can cure certain diseases.
"Our children are vulnerable because we don't make them aware about the risks and dangers of associating with strangers," Viegas said.
Bailancho Saad convener Sabina Martins said rapes on children have increased because children are a vulnerable section and easy targets for perverted minds. Martins said, "Rapes against children are reported because of the sympathy attached to the victim."
Children's Rights in Goa (CRG) director Nishtha Desai said people should be concerned and everyone should take care of children. Desai said the state government needs to pay attention to strengthening child protection mechanisms.
"It is now almost 10 years since the Goa Children's Act was passed but a number of its salient provisions are yet to be implemented," Desai said, adding that the conviction rate of crimes against children is not satisfactory and there are a number of pending cases over the past years and there is need for speedy disposal of cases.
NGO Savera chairperson Tara Kerkar said, "Government should immediately take all measures to protect children from such incidents." [TOI]