7 fasting ‘recruits’ admitted to GMC

On Wednesday morning, seven of the recruits who are on an indefinite hunger strike at the Azad Maidan in the city, were moved to the Goa Medical College and Hospital at Bambolim, by ambulance, with complaints of dehydration, high fever, low blood pressure and others complaints. The fast entered its 10th day on Wednesday.

Hospital authorities disclosed the names of those who were moved in the GMC on Wednesday as Mr Dasharat Gawade, Mr Mahadev Sawant, Mr Devidas Arolkar, Mr Mahadev Paryekar, Mr Rajendra Kankonkar, Mr Sebastian Gomes and Mr Prasanna Naik.

The youth Congress leader, Mr Sankalp Amonkar visited them on Wednesday afternoon and interacted with the ones who were still at the grounds.

On Tuesday, the chairman of Sattari Jagrut Yuwa Manch, Mr Vishwesh Prabhu, while on a visit to the fasting youth, speaking to the media said, "If the CM cannot accommodate these unemployed youth who are on a fast unto death for the sake of their livelihood, then Mr Manohar Parrikar has no right to stay in the chair of Chief Minister."

Mr Prabhu further stated that he was moved by looking at the pathetic conditions of the fasting recruits at Azad Maidan and who were there the whole day and night in a mosquito-infested area.

He appealed to the Bharatiya Janata Party government and urged Mr Parrikar not to make political victims of these innocent recruits and not to use them to settle political scores.

Before the election, Mr Parrikar was talking highly about BJP and asking the voters to vote for a change and after winning the political battle this is the impact of political change in the state; that a few number of recruits from animal husbandry, mining industry, health department and education department, who had already faced interviews, oral tests, written tests and secured jobs, are now thrown out on the roads and deprived of their livelihoods, he added.

"I fully agree there could be some mistakes committed by the politicians while issuing appointment letters but Mr Parrikar should understand their problems and if a person like him does not understand the problems of Goa and Goans, then he has no right to be in power," he said.

There are 200 recruits from the mining department, 140 from animal husbandry department and 166 from education department on a fast unto death at the Azad Maidan in Panaji. He said the families of these recruits, including small children and old parents, survive on the earnings of these recruits and appealed to Mr Parrikar to take a decision before something goes wrong.

He asked, "Who is responsible if something goes wrong? Will it be this BJP government or the erstwhile Congress government?" [NT]