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800-year-old Zadani in Sattari comes alive for Mahashivratri

Valpoi: Villagers from Sattari taluka will celebrate the Mahashivratri at Zadani along the banks of River Mhadei.According to local legends, Zadani was a thriving village around 800 years ago. However, for reasons unknown, the residents of Zadani migrated to other places totally abandoning it. Currently, the existence of a Shiva lingam and a Nandi at Zadani are the only two sings that the place was inhibited by people ages ago. In fact, the place was accidently discovered only 14 years ago by a group of trekkers.On finding the Shiva lingam and Nandi at Zadani, the trekkers decided to celebrate Mahashivratri and since then the people from Sattari villages have been flocking to the place in large numbers to celebrate the festival. Despite there being no motorable road to the place for eight kilometers, the number of people visiting the place for Mahashivratri keeps increasing year after year.Uste is the closest human habitation to Zadani; and it takes more than an hour to reach Zadani from Uste on foot. Incidentally, the area between Zadani and Uste is thickly forested, making the journey all the more arduous.
“We have been trekking the area for the last 25 years. And fourteen years ago, when we were trekking to Pista, we came across Zadani and the idol of Shiva lingam and Nandi, which were covered in vegetation. So, we cleaned up the place and had stayed there for some time. Later, we decided to celebrate the Mahashivratri at this place and accordingly did so. Now, it’s famous in all parts of Goa; for every Mahashivratri, many people are visiting the place,” said Umesh Surya Melekar, a resident of Shel Melavali.“The fish catch in Mhadei River at Zadani is good. So, we come to this place regularly for fishing and consequently named this place as ‘Nustyacho Dev’,” says Ashok Satu Zarmekar from Hivre Khudra village.Santosh Bhiro Kale, from Dhave village, said, “This place is an ecologically sensitive zone. Therefore, we are careful not to create pollution here; nor will we allow others cause pollution. We have kept this place neat and clean.”“We tell everyone not to throw plastic and other waste materials at this place. Take all your things with you, while going home. We don’t want to harm this place. Now every year almost thousand locals are visiting here to celebrate the Mahashivratri and to take the blessings of Lord Shiva,” he added. [H]

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