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1 From Student to Kenya Civil Servant

Page Titles
Foreword by Sir Richard Turnbull, GCMG
PART ONE — the Early Years
1. From Student to Kenya Civil Servant
2 Move to the Coast
PART TWO — a Taste of the N.F.D.
3 Turkana District
4 Lodwar — Marsabit
5 The Marsabit I Love
6 Hospital Fire at Marsabit
7 A Snake in the Office!
8 A Plot to Murder Me
9 End of a Bachelor Era
10 A New Life Begins
PART THREE — Rift Valley and Overseas Vacation
11 Kitale Posting
12 Overseas Leave in India
13 Re-posting to Kitale
PART FOUR — In the N.F.D. Again
14 Return to Marsabit
15 Good and Sad Times at Marsabit
PART FIVE — South Nyanza District
16 Move to Kisii
17 Conrad’s Last Days and the Aftermath
18 A New Arrival and Goodbye to Province Administration
PART SIX — With the Agricultural Ministry
19 Promotion and Move to Machakos
20 Overseas Leave in India
21 Posting to Njoro
22 East African Holiday and Zanzibar Revolutioin
23 Njoro — the Final Chapter

 Letter offering employment

Song of the Wild N.F.D.
  In Memoriam