87 suicides in 11 months in South Goa

MARGAO: The recent cases of a 38-year-old woman from Sonarwaddo, Raia, committing suicide in her flat and a rape victim attempting to commit suicide in her flat at Margao, have brought to the fore the issue of the growing number of suicides in South Goa.

In the last 11 months of the current year, in South Goa, 87 individuals have fallen victims to suicide.
These cases include youth, the elderly and even minors. Data available shows that the highest number of cases was reported in jurisdiction of the Maina-Curtorim police station followed by Canacona, Margao and Curchorem.
Maina-Curtorim police registered as many as 15 suicide cases, with Canacona coming in a close second with 12 cases. Margao was just one case behind Canacona with 11 suicides and the Curchorem police have registered 10 suicides till November.
7 cases each were registered by Verna and Vasco police, while 6 each were registered by the Cuncolim and Colva police, with 5 suicides registered at the Quepem police station.
The Sanguem police station registered 8 cases of suicide. Police have registered these deaths as unnatural death cases. Some of these cases involved women ending their lives within seven years of their marriages.
The number of suicides in South Goa had reached 50 by the month of June, and by November-end, the number touched 87.
Out of the 50 suicides reported till June, 24 cases were reported in Margao sub-division, which covers Margao police station, Maina-Curtorim, Colva and Cuncolim police stations.
Quepem sub-division, comprising of Quepem, Canacona, Sanguem and Curchorem police stations reported 18 suicides and Vasco sub-division, which includes Verna, Mormugao and Vasco police stations, accounted for 8 cases.
Data available indicates that suicides are turning out to be a serious social malady as every year, nearly 100 deaths in South Goa are due to suicides.
Police pointed that the reasons for suicides ranged from poor health, romantic break-ups, stress, unemployment, family pressure, abusive relationships, alcoholism, drug abuse and physical or mental disorders. Police said personal loss was also one motive behind suicides.
Police said that of all the reasons behind suicides, broken relationships and incurable diseases were the prominent ones. They said that a person with suicidal tendencies usually remains aloof or shuns food or tries to express their feelings of unhappiness to their dear ones.
They also said that debts and unemployment play a major role in suicides.
Police also said that unemployment is another major factor as a jobless person finds it difficult to start a family and this leads to depression, which is a major contributing factor to suicides.
One police officer, who has investigated cases of suicide, said that there are many reasons which may compel a person to commit suicide.  He said in cases of recently married women, the reasons may be harassment over dowry, ill treatment, unable to conceive or property disputes or extra marital affairs. [H]