A Bibliography Of Books On Goa & Goans.

Prepared by: John Nazareth
Sponsored by the: Goan Overseas Association ~ Toronto
For the: Panjim Pavilion at the Metro Toronto Caravan
Extended By: JJD'S of GOACOM ~ October 1996

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  1. The books listed in this bibliography are generally available in the public libraries, or in personal collections of Goans living in the US and Canada.
  2. In the following pages SC=softcover, HC=hardcover. Rs = Indian Rupees. $1 = Rs 54 approx.



1.1 A History of Goa
Rev. J A J Da Costa. Self pub. Mapusa 1982. SC: 345 pp.. RS. 65. History to 1961.
A good book with an excellent section on the meaning/derivation of the village names.

1.2 Goa. Yesterday-Today-Tommorrow
A D Furtado. Furtado Enterprises 1981. Goa 403703
SC: 254 pp.. Rs. 32.50.
History to 1981. Half, to 1961; rest contemporary. On par with Da Costa's book.

1.3 The Goa Inquisition
A.K. Priolkar. Bombay University Press 1961.
HC. Part I: written by Priolkar (189 pp.); Part II: Old accounts translated by Priolkar (109 pp.).

1.4 Moira – A Peep Into Its Past
Teotonio de Souza S.J.. 1986. SC: 13 pp..
350th Anniversary booklet of the founding of the main Moira church.

1.5 Goa's Official Language
Marc de Souza. 1986
Printed by: Casa J.D. Fernandes, Panaji. SC: 50 pp.. Rs. 10 Genesis of the language struggle.

1.6 Old Goa
S. Rajagopalan. Archaelogical Survey of India 1982.
Printed by Naba Madran Private Ltd, Calcutta 700004. SC: 51 pp.. Rs. 4

1.7 Goa Re-discovered
A K Priolkar. Self Published 1967. HC: 137 pp.. Rs 26.

1.8 St Francis Xavier. Apostle of the Indies.
Ladis Da Silva. Goan Overseas Assocoation, Toronto 1985.
A biography of St Francis. St Francis, a co-founder of the Jesuit religious order, is closely entwined with the Goan ethos. This labour-of-love by Da Silva is a beautiful introduction to St Francis.

D'Cruz, Sebastian: Pp 189. 1994. Rs 75.
A quaint depiction of a picturesque village of Bardez, Siolim.

de Souza, Teotonio R(ed): Pp 219. Rs 200. 1989. Concept, New Delhi.
(Eighteen essays on themes ranging from pre-Portuguese religious and cultural life of Goa to contemporary issues of the freedom-struggle and gold-smuggling.)

D'Souza, B.G:Pp 364. Rs 80. 1975.
Popular, Bombay.
(One of the most insightful studies on Goan society, which analyses the nature of pre-Portuguese Goa, its value system, the impact of Portuguese rule, what lay behind large-scale emigration and the rise of nationalism.)

Rubinoff, Arthur G.: Pp 134. 1971. Rs 50.
(Rubinoff, an American scholar who had the advantage of conducting interviews with many high Indian officials closely connected with the decision-making process at the time of the invasion of Goa, concludes that it is quite likely that any country faced with the refusal of an adversary to negotiate would probably resort to force to eradicate colonialism.)

Pai Panandiker, VA and Chaudhuri PN: Pp 46. Rs 75. 1983.
(Goa is an area with one of the lowest fertility rates in the country.)

de Souza, Teotonio R:Pp 215. Rs 300. 1994. ISBN 81-7022-497-7.
(Europe's"discoveries" in Asia and the subsequent colonialisation left nothing untouched… from physical nature to spiritual souls and theircultural heritage.)

Phal, SR:Pp 104. Rs 50.1982. BR Publ, New Delhi.
(This study looks at social life in early Goa, the comunidades of the region, *mundkars*, *kunbis* and modern trends including the problem of food production, fatal road accidents and suicides.)

1.16 Historical Notes on Goa
Antonio De Menezes, Panjim 1978.

1.17 Asia and the Western Dominance; A Survey of the Vasco Da Gama Epoch of Asian History, 1498-1945
By K.M.Pannikar, London, 1953, George Allen & Unwin Ltd.

1.18 Vasco da Gama and His Successors1460 – 1580
by K.G. Jayne, First Published 1910, Methuen Library Reprint, 1970 by Barnes & Noble, Inc.

1.19 The Portuguese Seaborne Empire, 1415 – 1825
By C.R. Boxer .London, Hutchinson,1969,PP426

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2.1 Goan Literature – A Modern Reader
Journal of South Asian Literature Vol XVIII Winter/Spring 1983. University of Michigan.

SC: 297 pp. $7 (Can). 3465 Nadine Cres, Mississauga, Ont, Canada L5A 3L4.
A special issue of the journal on Goan Literature edited by Prof Peter Nazareth. An anthology of over 40 authors: poems, short stories, history, culture, extracts of novels etc.. If there is just one book you get on things Goan, this is it.

2.2 Goa Vol I – Hindu Temples & Deities
Rui Gomes Pereira. A. Gomes Pereira 1978.
Gomes Pereira Rd, Panaji, Goa. SC: 240 pp..
A book of the temples and deities of each village of Goa in the pre-Potuguese era. It also contains the clan surnames of those living in each village.

2.3 Goa Vol II – Gaunkari
Rui Gomes Pereira. A. Gomes Pereira 1981.
Gomes Pereira Rd, Panaji, Goa. SC: 166 pp.. Rs 25.
A book on the old village associations: the structure, the purpose etc..

2.4 Village Goa.
Prof. Olivinho Gomes. S Chand & Company (Pvt) Ltd 1987.
Ram Nagar, New Delhi 110055. HC: 426 pp.. Rs 140.
A study of social structure and change in rural Goa as seen in a research of Chandor, a typical Goan village, which in its 3 constituent hamlets show a cross-section of all the major socio-religious communities in the territory. Also has glimses of the society in historical glanes down the ages with a look at the village system, demographics, caste structure, cultural activty and religious festivals.
Originally a Ph.D thesis in Sociology. An excellent book from cover to cover.

2.5 Goan Society in Transition
Bento G D'Souza. Bombay Popular Prakashan 1975.
35c Tardev Rd, Popular Press Bldg, Bombay 400 034.
HC 149 pp..
Book emerged from a PhD thesis at the University of Bombay. Analyses pre-Portuguese Goan society, new systems introduced by Portuguese and impact on traditional systems. Shows how this gave rise to Goan emigration to industrialized cities, and Goan nationalism. An excellent book.

2.6 Soil and Soul Konkani Folk Tales
Lucio Rodrigues. Laura D'Souza Rodrigues 1974
18 Girdhar Niwas, Colaba, Bombay 400-005. SC: 254 pp.. Rs. 25

2.7 Folk Lore Notes Vol II. Folklore of Konkan.
A M T Jackson, R E Enthoven. Asian Education Services 1989.
C-2/15, Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi 110016.
HC: 125 pp.. Rs 165. First published 1915. Reprinted 1989.

2.8 Mohabharat
Prof L.A. Rodrigues. Xavier Press T.S. Pilar Goa
SC: 146 pp. +40 page Konkani-English dictionary.
Written entirely in Konkani in Roman script. The book is reputed to be [a reprint of] the only pre-Portuguese era Konkani book to survive the Portuguese book-burning era.

2.9 Goenchem GIT Pustok – 1. Manddo Dulpod
Lourdino Barreto. The Music Lovers 1982.
SC: 79 pp. (6"x8"). With words and music notes.

2.10 The Cultural History of Goa From 10000BC – 1352AD
Anant Ramkrishna S Dhume. Self-published.
Kamala Niwas, Sanata-Inez, Panaji Goa 403 001. SC:352 pp.. Rs 150.

2.11 Goa and the Continent of Circe.
Robert De Souza. Wilco Publishing House 1973.
33 Ropewalk Lane, Rampart Row, Fort, Bombay -1.
SC: 215 pp.. Rs 25.
A rebuttal to N C Choudhary's Continent of Circe Chapter 13: "The Half-Caste Minorities. Genetic and Cultural". Choudhary suggests that Goa should be cut off from the rest of India and left to float in the Ocean as it is a bad influence on India's Hindus.

2.12 Goa From Prehistoric Times
Antonio Mascarenhas. Self-published 1987.
P.O. Box 7, Vasco, Goa. SC: 155 pp.. Rs 50.

2.13 Goa: Continuity and Change
Edited by Prof Narendra Wagle and George Coelho.
University of Toronto Centre for South Asian Studies 1995.
Room 2057, 100 St George St. Toronto, Canada M5S 1A1. SC $30 Can.
Essays from a 1991 conference on Goa sponsored by the IGO and the U of T. Includes 17 articles: aspects of Goan culture, politics, contemporary issues confronting Goans in Canada, and history.

Mahajan, Ashok:Pp 64. 1989. Rs 40.OUP.
(Part of this selection "focuses on the attractively distinct culture and iridescent landscapes of Goa".)

2.15 GOA with love; Cartoons
By Mario Miranda, Goa Tours, Goa, 1974
A must have book.

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These are hard to classify. Perhaps they could be called "Coffee Table" or "Gift" books; most are large (around 9"x12").

3.1 Goa Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd 1984.
S Ansari Rd, New Delhi 110 002. HC.
Probably the best Coffee Table book on Goa. Well produced with breathtaking [colour] photographs of scenes of Goa.

3.2 Goa – Cultural Patterns
Editor: Dr Saryu Doshi. Marg Publications 1983.
Army & Navy Building, Mahatma Gandhi rd, Bombay 400 023.
HC 152 pp.. Rs 143.
A collection of topic on music and dance, landmarks, coins & stamps, cultural patterns etc.. Well illustrated with glossy pictures. A good coffee-table book.

3.3 Golden Goa
Jose Pereira, Mulk Raj Anand, Richard Lannoy. Marg Publications 1980.
Army & Navy Building, Mahatma Gandhi rd, Bombay 400 023.
HC: 124 pp.. Rs 150.
A collection of themes (with good colour pictures): Shrines & Mansions of Goa, life in Goa, carvings, historical outline, coins. One of the best books of its kind.

3.4 This is Goa
Edited by Satto Esteves, Vatsala de Souza. Source Publishers Pvt 1983. Eucharistic Congress Bldg No 1, 5/1 Convent St, Colaba, Bombay 400 039. SC: 113 pp.. US $8.
A collection of articles by several authors in themes: historical aspects, the economy, religious influences, culture, specialties, impressions of Goa, Tourist Guide.

3.5 Inside Goa
Manohar Malgaonkar. Government of Goa, Daman & Diu 1982. HC 182 pp..
Illustrated by Mario Miranda. Produced for the Commonwealth Head of Goverment Meeting (CHOGM) held in Goa in 1982.
Gives an overall view of Goa: historical, ethos etc. Not bad, but better books are available.

3.6 The Pleasure of your Company
By Ranjana Salgaocar
Pyramid Publishers, 1995 PP 284, Rs 785
A complete guide to etiquette and entertaining for the Indian, at home, at work, while travelling and in society . See Book Review Section for Summary

3.7 Angling in Indian Rivers
By Brigadier J V Pinto AVSM (Retd) Self Published PP 197 Rs 350
See Book Review Section for Summary

3.8 Pavlam – Konkani Poetry
By John Aguiar Jait Prakashan PP 94 Rs 40

Alvares, Claude (ed): A Citizen's Report On The Goan Environment. 1995, 3rd edition. Pp 260. Rs 200.
(The only comprehensive ecological statement, in a large and illustrated format, on the Goan ecosystem, its threats and survival possibilities.)
Note: This book is listed in the Presentation section since it is to date the only one of its kind which explains the geopraphy, ecology and biodiversity of Goa. Useful for describing Goa to those abroad.

3.10 Goa; Images and Impressions; Colour Photos
By Thomas Vaz
Preface by Frank Simoes, Rs 125
One man's personal view of his land in a unique captivating series of photographs.

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4.1 Modern Goan Short Stories
Editor: Luis S Rita Vas. Jaico Publishing House. 1971
125 Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Bombay -1. Anthology of 28 stories. SC: 179 pp.

4.2 Pears From a Willow Tree
Violet Lannoy Dias. Three Continents Press 1989.
1901 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20006. HC: 246 pp..
A novel released posthumously.

4.3 The Mango and the Tamarind Tree
Leslie De Noronha. A Writers Workshop Publication 1970.
162/92 Lake Gardens, Calcutta 95. SC: 236 pp.. A novel.
4.4 In a Brown Mantle
Prof Peter Nazareth. Kenya Literature Bureau 1972.
SC 157 pp.. $5 Can from 3465 Nadine Cres, Mississauga, Ontario L5A 3L4.
A novel situated in a country like Uganda. The social scene includes all characters present in Uganda at the time: Africans, Goans, other South Asians, Europeans. The novel predicted the expulsion of Asians, which ironically was announced 2 weeks after the release of the novel. The book has good descriptions of life in the Goan Institutes. Nazareth is recognized as one of the three best known Ugandan writers and is probably the best known Goan writer of fiction. Both his novels are in the English curriculum In Makerere University, Uganda. This novel was also translated in Swahili and taught in some Kenyan highschools.

4.5 The General Is Up
Prof Peter Nazareth. TSAR Publications Toronto 1991.
P.O. Box 6996, Station A, Toronto, Ontario M5W 1X7.
SC: 148 pp.. $10.95. Cover: a painting by Alex Tavares.
A novel based on the Asian Expulsion in Uganda in 1972. Like Brown Mantle, this novel has the full cast of ethnic characters in Uganda, but the Goan experience is the strongest. Weaves a story of life during the Expulsion. On one plane Nazareth's stories are tales, on another, there is a political message.

4.6 An Island Kingdom
The History of the Omani Arab Dynasty in East Africa.
Ladis Da Silva. Carlton Press Inc. 1989.
New York, NY. HC: 207 pp..

4.7 African Writing Today
Edited by Prof Peter Nazareth. Pacific Moana Quarterly, Special Issue Vol 6 No 3/4 July/Aug 1981.
Outrigger Publishers, 335 East 9th St, New York, NY 10003.
A collection of [African] poetry, literature criticism, plays and short fiction, interviews.

4.8 An African View of Literature

Prof Peter Nazareth. Northwestern University Press 1974.
Evanston, Illinois. HC 228 pp..
A collection of literature criticism by the author of several books. The author's review style makes the book easy to read even for the non-academic and captures the flavour of the books reviewed well. (The book was first released under the titile: "Literature and Society in Modern Africa" by the Kenya Literature Bureau in 1972.)

4.9 The Third World Writer. His Social Responsibility.
Prof Peter Nazareth. Kenya Literature Bureau 1978.
P.O. Box 30022, Nairobi. SC: 171 pp..
The author's second book of criticism.

4.10 One Sip At a Time
George Menezes. 1988 Better Yourself Books.
P.B. 9814, Bandra, Bombay 400 050. SC: 296 pp.
. A collections of articles on varied topics (often portraying contemporary Goan culture in Goa and the Goan diaspora) in a humourous tone. Menezes is well known writer/humourist and the book is easy reading.

4.11 Through A Doorway In Zanzibar
Ladis Da Silva. Celaz Print Shop 1994.
2 Green Spring Dr, Scarborough, On. Canada M1V 2B1. SC …. $15 Can An ethnological study of the peoples of Zanzibar through the ages.

4.12 Goa With Love
Mario Miranda. Goa Tours 1982.
Panjim, Goa. SC: 43 pp..
Cartoons of life in Goa by its beloved Mario.

4.13 Santa Cruz That Was
Teresa Albuquerque. Self-published.
"Shamrock", 15-A East Ave, Santa Cruz (West) Bombay 400054
A history of Santa Cruz, Bombay. (Role of Goans included.) Ms Albuquerque has established herself as a Goan historian of reputation. SC: 237 pp.. Rs. 12

4.14 The Prime Ministers of Canada 1867-1980
Raul de Furtado. Law & Business Publications (Canada) Inc 1980. 920 Denison St, Unit 7, Markham Ontario L3R 2Z2.
HC: 104 pp.. Coffee table book with brief biographies/paintings of the PMs.

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5.1 The Americanization of Goans
Ladis Da Silva. Self-published 1976. SC: 175 pp..

5.2 Je Me Souviens
Golden Agers of Montreal (in association with Canorient) 1983
An anthology of writings. SC: 404 pp..

5.3 Bwana Karani
Mervyn Maciel. Merlin Books Ltd 1985
Braunton, Devon, UK. SC: 262 pp.. œ3.95
Memoirs of Maciel's life in Kenya during the colonial days. "Bwana Karani" is Swahili for "Mister Writer".

5.4 Goa, Cradle of My Dreams
Nora Secco de Souza. Self-published.
Undated, probably 1988. Printed by: Xaverian Press, Pilar, Goa 403 203.
SC: 136 pp.. A collection of 87 articles on Goa/Goans by the author.

5.5 Look Back With Pride
J.P. Lobo. Canorient Seniors Group 1979.
Distr: Consolidated Amethyst Communications, 12 Crescent Town Rd, Unit 310, Toronto M4C 5L3. SC 121 pp..
A reflection on the heritage of Christians in Canada from the indo-Pakistan Subcontinent.

5.6 Memories Never Die
Peter Francis. Self Published Toronto (1994?).
SC 66 pp.. A collection of 19 articles remembering life through the years, in Karachi, Goa, World War II.

5.7 Faith Hope and Courage
Peter Francis. Self Published Toronto 1994.
SC 64 pp.. Reflections by the author on his (Catholic) faith.

5.8 Goa On My Mind
Joaquim Sequeira. Undated.
SC 116 pp.. Collection of verse, essays and letters that bear witness to the authors love of Goans, Goa and its culture.

5.9 Landmarks in my Time
By Bertha Menezes Braganza Self Published PP: 111, Price: Rs 60
Distributed by The Other India Bookstore

(Large size, illustrated.) 1995. Rs 300. Hardcover with plastic jacket.
("Thirty years ago I conceived this idea of jotting down my boyhood memories of Goa and of my village. I started on it in my late sixties, when my eyesight, health and even the old memories were diminishing.")

5.11 Frankly Speaking; Collected Writings Of Prof. Frank D'Souza
Editor-in-chief Mgr. Benny Aguiar; Bombay,1987, Prof. Frank D'Souza Memorial Committee

5.12 Images of Goa;
Ben Antao, Toronto, 1990
See Book Review Section

5.13 ANJUNA. Albuquerque, Teresa
Pp 96. 1988. Rs 180. ISBN 81- 85002- 06-1. Large format. Hardbound. Illustrated.
A profile of the "most enchanting stretch of sun-kissed beaches in the newest state of the Indian Union".

Bothelo, Remigio: Pp 181. 1994. Rs 90 or US$3.
("An Indian expatriate returns to his roots and finds that his seaside village of Anjuna has grown into a hippie paradise. What follows is a story of drug-addicts, drug- peddlers, drug-traffickers, and unmarried love. We catch glimpses of Goan history and culture as we go through the carefully researched account of a crisis which is blasting apart the lives of millions all over the world.")

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6.1 Konkani Self-Instructor
P Crescencio Francisco Monteiro.
Seminary of Our Lady, Saligao, Goa, 1962.
Konkani-Portuguese-English-German. Good phrase book. SC: 284 pp..

6.2 Konkanni – Self Teacher
Mohan D Karapurkar. Self-published 1983
English-Konkani. Script: English-Roman, Konkani-Devnagri.
SC 40 pp.. Rs. 5.50. Okay as a first book only.

6.3 Let's Learn Konkani
S.J. Borkar. Rajhauns Vitaran 2nd Ed 1987. 1 Meenakshi Bldg, Junta House Sq, Panaji, Goa 403001
English-Konkani. Script: English-Roman, Konkani-Devnagri.
SC: 168 pp.. Okay as a first book only.

6.4 Konknni Opararinchem Bhanddar – The Treasure of Konkani Proverbs
Antonio Pereira. Gulab Publications 1985. SC: 251 pp.. Rs. 15.
E6 Ramakant Apts, Opp Don Bosco High School, Panaji
Konkani with English translation. A real treasure.

6.5 English-Konkani Pocket Dictionary
J M Pinto. Asian Educational Services. 1988
C-2/15, Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi 110016. HC:228 pp.. Rs 65
This is an English-to-Konkani dictionary only. (Looks like Mao's red book.)

6.6 Novo Concanim-Ingles Dicionar
J M Pinto. Asian Educational Services. 1988
C-2/15, Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi 110016. SC:208 pp.. Rs 25
NB. This is a Konkani-to-English dictionary only.

6.7 English-Konkani Konkani-English Dictionary
Angelus Francis Xavier Maffei. Asian Educational Services 1983
C-2/15, Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi 110016.
HC: 545 pp.. Rs 165. First published 1883, reprinted 1983.

6.8 A Konkani Grammar
Angelus Francis Xavier Maffei. Asian Educational Services 1986
C-2/15, Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi 110016.
HC: 439 pp.. Rs 120. First published 1882, reprinted 1986.

6.9 A Description of Konkani
Matthew Almeida. Thomas Stephen Konknni Kendr 1989.
Mira-Mar, Panaji Goa 403 001. HC 338 pp.. Rs 150.
A linguistic grammar that describes the phonology, morphology and syntax of Konkani. The book is the doctoral thesis of the author at Columbia University, New York.

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7.1 Goa – An Economic Review.
The Goa Hindu Association. Kala Vibhag 1983
Gomantdham, 358 Dr Bhadkambar Marg, Bombay 400-007. HC: 102 pp.. Rs.30
7.2 Statistical Pocketbook of the Union Territory of Goa, Daman & Diu. Directorate of Planning, Statistics & Evaluation 1983. SC: 243 pp.. Rs 10

7.3 Techno-economic Survey of Goa, Daman & Diu.
National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi 1964. HC: 275 pp.. Rs 30

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8.1 Goan Dishes – 2nd Edition
Sudha Suresh Amonkar.Rajhauns Vitaran 1988.
1 Meenakshi Bldg, Junta House Sq, Panaji, Goa 403001. SC: 140 pp.. Rs. 20

8.2 Goan Cookbook
Joyce Fernandes. D/5, 2nd Floor, Kundaikar Nagar,
Dada Vaidhya Rd, Panjim, Goa 403001. SC: 68 pp.. Rs. 13

8.3 100 Easy-to-make Goan Dishes
Jennifer Fernandes. Tarang Paperbacks. 15th Ed 1989.
Vikas Publishing House, 576 Masjid Rd, Jangpura, New Delhi 110014.
SC: 128 pp.. Rs. 25

8.4 Festive Fare Cookbook
Cookbook of home tested recipes
Produced by the Members of Canorient Seniors' Club Central ( Toronto)
40 Hanlan Road, Unit 40/41
Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 3P6
PP: 152, Price Can$5.00

Kaul Mishra, Suchitra:Pp 106. 1992. Rs 150. Allied. ISBN 81-7023-208-2.
(Authentic recipes from the repertoire of Goan homes with step by step instructions, accompanied with colour illustrations.)

Gracias, Francisco A:Pp 78. Rajhauns Vitrans. 4th edition 1995.
(Guides you how to make cocktails known with quaint names such as *Hygenix*, *Vicar's Royal*, *Goan Belle*, *Zuari Flow* and *Caju Tranquil*, besides many others. Francisco, from Caranzalem, is employed in a five star hotel.)

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9.1 Povitr Pustok – Novo Korar
Goichi Sevadhormik Somili 1984. New Testament Bible in Konkani

9.2 Loka Saugatim Misachi Manddavoll ani Gaionancho Thelo. Goychi Sevadhormik Soniti 1988
SC: 284 pp.. 4"x6" Konkani Mass prayerbook and hymnal .

9.3 Proceedings – International Goan Convention Aug 7-21 1988, Toronto.
Goan Overseas Association, Toronto. SC: 123 pp.

9.4 An Illustrated Guide to Bombay and Goa
Myriam Kaye. The Guidebook Company Ltd 1990.
The Penthouse, 20 Hollywood Rd, Hong Kong. SC: 198 pp.. Rs 150 (in Goa). Well produced, glossy pages and colour photographs. A good tourist book.

9.5 Goa
J M Richards. Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd 1982.
20/4 Industrial Area, Sahibabad 201 010, India.
143 pp.. HC – Rs 150, SC – Rs 35. A brief historical sketch (as seen by a non-Goan), and tourist guide. A good book.

9.6 Goa. A Brief Historical Sketch
Antonio de Menezes. AMA Travels Publications 1983.
Luis de Menezes Rd, Panjim, Goa.
SC: 108 pp.. Similar to J M Richard's book, written by a Goan.

9.7 Tourist Handbook of Goa
Dept of Information & Tourism, Panaji.
Undated: probably around 1965. SC: 64 pp.

9.8 Souvenir of the Golden Jubilee of the Entebbe Goan Institute 1905-1955.
A small booklet describing the founding and progress of the Entebbe Goan
Instutute (EGI) with names of the committees and photographs. The EGI (located in Uganda) was the second Goan club to be founded in East Africa.

9.9 Through Open Doors
A View of Asian Cultures in Kenya
Cynthia Salvadori. Kenway Publications 1989.
P.O. Box 18800 Nairobi. HC: 387 pp.. Shs 644.
Includes a section on Goans.

9.10 A Road Guide To Goa.
TTK Madras:(Map) Rs 28. Pp 10+Map. 1995.

Silveira, DM:Information Update on India & Handbook of Leadership Skills.
Pp 448. 1995. Rs 150.
(Silveira is a journalist from Goa, who earlier edited the *Free Press Journal*)

9.12 XV SOLEMN EXPOSITION of the relics of St. Francis Xavier
21 Nov.'94 to 7 Jan. '95 — A Souvenir
PP 78, Rs 100.00
A must have book

9.13 Goan Overseas Association , Ontario Canada
25th Anniversary Brochure – 1995 ; Ed John Nazareth

9.14 Kenya Nite, Toronto, September 7, 1991
Brochure; A Tribute to the Goan Pioneers of Kenya
Ivan Araujo Editor/Coordinator

9.15 In Memoriam; A Tribute to Dr. A.C. L . de Sousa (Nairobi Kenya)
Brochure published in 1959 to commemorate the first anniversary of his death.

9.16 Railway Goan Institute, Nairobi, Kenya
Golden Jubilee Brochure, 1909 – 1959