A bouquet of Konkani films in 2020

Since the surge in filmmaking in Goa, there always seems to be something
interesting and thought-provoking brewing in the Konkani film industry. With a few projects already announced on social media, some making rounds at international film festivals and others working on their shooting schedule, 2020 looks very promising for our film industry. With varied genres being explored, there will be great options to pick from, enriching one’s theatre experience.

‘Bade Abbu’ is a Konkani and Hindi film shot in Goa. Directed by Nitin Supekar, the film is produced by Shyamrao Yadav and Shanti Dilip Borkar. The cast includes Rajesh Sharma, Deepalakshmi Moghe, Raavi Kishor, Casiano Edward D’Souza, Devanshi Sawant and a truck, which also plays a pivotal role. The screenplay has been written by Kishor Arjun and Nitin Supekar while the DOP is Girish Jambhalikar. The dialogues have been written by Ramesh Bhagwant Veluskar and Kishor Arjun. “The film will be released most probably by end of April or early May. The film has been certified U/A and is open for viewing for people of 12 years and above. We plan on screening the film in all theatres in Goa and even in public places and theatre tents. The film should reach a wider audience,” says Kishor Arjun, the script and dialogue writer of the film. Besides its official release, the film will be screened for a charity show for Rotary Club of Porvorim at Kala Academy, Panjim on January 19, 2020 at 6pm.

February will see the release of the first film of 2020, ‘Pedru Poder’, by Jojo D’Souza, under The Big Banner Entertainment and Media LLP. The story and screenplay is by Jojo and Christ Silva, with music by Elick Vaz. The Konkani film tells the story of Pedru, a baker who falls in love with a rich girl. It is a romantic Konkani film. ‘Pedru Poder’ will be released on February 13, 2020 at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao at 7:30pm. “I have done Bollywood projects in Mumbai and everyone was asking me when I would do a Konkani film. This is the first Konkani film under my three-year-old studio. I wanted a good story that sells and ‘Pedru Poder’ is an excellent one,” says Jojo.

‘Kaajro’, produced by de Goan Studio, a single cut film, showcases the morality of casteism and racism in today’s society through the experiences of the protagonists in just two hours on Dussehra day. ‘Kaajro’ is based on a story written by Dr Prakash Paryienkar, Head of the Konkani Department at Goa University, and has been directed by Nitin Bhaskar. Rajesh Pednekar, the film’s producer, is hoping to release the film by May this year. “We are currently focusing on international and national film festivals. Once a film is released commercially, it is not selected for festivals,” says Rajesh.

Joywin Fernandes has been a busy man in 2019, and 2020 will be the year when two of his films will hit the screens. Besides shooting in international locations, the films also have a huge Goan star cast. ‘Fotting no. 1’ has story, direction, cinematography and editing by Joywin Fernandes and has been produced by Uday Salkar. The cast includes Brijesh Kakodkar, Prince Jacob, Comedian Agostinho, Comedian Luis Bachan, Uday Salkar, Sonika, Kerryann, Rajdeep Naik and others. “The main highlight of the film is the songs shot in Manali, Bangkok and Malaysia. There is also a 7-minute-long song with 13 Goan comedians doing a cameo for the first time. It’s a total comedy film for the family audience,” says Joywin.

‘Rong’ is written and directed by Aggi Rod and produced by Joywin Fernandes. “It’s a thriller revenge drama film starring Kevin D’Mello, Stacey Mesquita, Aggi Rod, Vishal Gawas, Joe Rose, Aplon, Fatima, Lawry Travasso and Comedian Selvy. The film was shot in Goa and UK,” adds Joywin.

Jitendra Shirlekar is directing an untitled project by producer Patson Barboza under the Barboza Studios production house. “The film has just completed its first phase and will star Prince Jacob and many tiatr artistes in the drama thriller. The shooting for the Konkani feature film will begin by the end of this month,” says Jitendra. [H]