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A commercial twist to creativity

There are some people with an eye for creativity; they see the potential of even the simplest of things. Where we see a simple hoop earring, these young creative talents see what they can make of that modest hoop. These young minds then take their creativity one step further by going the commercial way with the help of social media and word-of-mouth.Aparna N P from Taleigao works from her office or her tiny bedroom. Her hobby turned into a passion when she was gifted a jewellery making kit for her birthday. “I started making small jewellery items for my friends; then their friends took notice and were interested in the concept. It is easy to source material as I can get it either from the Panjim market or I ask my cousins in the US to ship it to Goa,” says this Class XII student from Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim.
She uses material like beads, metal chunks and wire jewellery to create artistic wonders. “I am very fond of arts and crafts and I learnt watching videos on Facebook and YouTube. I have my own Instagram page, Artcravings, where a lot of customers view my works. I receive orders from outside Goa and they have the option of paying using Paytm and I ship the items. For custom made products, I require more time and usually complete the order in a week,” says Aparna, whose favourite creation is a colourful happy jar.Gauri Chari from Margao and Sneha Naik from Aldona came together to form Perky Little Things almost two years ago. These talented girls started out with decorated candles and have created home décor products as well as items used in commercial set-ups. “We started Perky Little Things in 2015 when we were both sharing a flat in Panjim. We were working for different companies at that time but we knew each other and started bonding over our art. Sneha is still with the same company but I took a break around a month ago. I now focus my time on building the brand,” says Gauri.
The duo has an Instagram page, Facebook page and their own blog which they use to update their latest ideas. They have also been a part of five pop-up bazaars. “Since we both were working, we used to plan our products accordingly; we had a good enough collection to present at the bazaars. We’ve noticed that even if customers don’t immediately buy the products, they request custom made items, so it was a good venue for us to create a name in the market and share our business cards,” adds Gauri.Both work together on generating ideas and research about different items. Since Gauri now has the time, she is able to focus on the social marketing for their brand. They specialise in dreamcatchers, candles, hand painted lights, laser-cut hand painted items, wedding décor and painted wooden logs. “We also make jewellery and crochete bralettes,” says Gauri whose products start from Rs 100 onwards.Started in June 2016 by Sara Kirlapalkar and Mallaika Kamat, Alokik Goa is a handmade art jewellery venture that is now moving forward with new ideas. Both girls were classmates till their Class XII ISC Board Exams. “We are now looking at sustainable jewellery and working with bio-resin to use real resins as crystals with silver or copper caps,” says Mallaika, a first year student at Chowgule College, Margao. “I am not a metal smith but I have build the whole set up from my bedroom and I think we are the first in India to try this unconventional method which requires copper electroforming,” she adds.
They set up the year-old brand through social media and as they gained followers, they ventured into pop-up markets and have been part of ten markets so far. “In the beginning it was nice, but gradually, sales went down. We realised that it was the same people who were visiting these markets and they would probably avoid buying the same thing again. Now, we are focusing on the international market and through social media marketing, we have been receiving orders. We do all-India delivery and all the products are available online,” explains Mallaika, who handles the creative experimenting part while Sara keeps a check on the accounting and stock keeping; both girls run the business together. [H]

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