A motorist’s nightmare

 The bad condition of the main road passing through Tivim village near the church area, Chinchavaddo and Bonglovaddo has become a major concern for residents due to the increasing spate of accidents here.

Potholes and speed breakers with their paint faded off has left road users at the mercy of accidents. The latter issue is worsened at night with most of the streetlights not working, say residents.

Locals say it's been around three months since their road nightmare started and no action has been taken by the PWD to date.

Agnelo Machado, a resident of Chinchavaddo, claimed, "Over 200 minor and major accidents have taken place over here in the last three months."

"Just a few days ago two men met with an accident at around midnight and were left that way till they were noticed by passersby during the wee hours of the morning," he added.

He alleged that former chief ministers and panchayat members pass by the route regularly and are aware of the problem, but have failed to take action. "We end up calling the ambulance to take the accident victims away as often these accidents occur just in front of our house," said Machado.

Student Sonam Pawaskar complained, "These speed breakers cause tremendous problems for all. Many accidents take place. They are in a pathetic condition for the last three months, but no one has taken any action to restore them. The streetlights aren't working and we often hear of robberies on the road too."

John Fernandes and Terence Fernandes, residents of Bonglovaddo, said a similar problem exists in their area. The condition of both the speed breakers is quite similar. "There's an accident every other day and people rush out of their homes to help the victims. It's very disturbing, especially at night," said John.

Sarpanch Tulsidas Shinde said, "We have complained to the PWD and they have promised to take action as soon as the rain subsides. They'll be working on decreasing the height of the speed breakers and painting them so that road users don't face any problems."

Tivim MLA Kiran Kandolkar said, "I agree the condition of some roads are bad. I have inspected the road with PWD officials. Repairs of works have been sanctioned by the government and the work will be taken up after the rains are over." [TOI]