A time of Giving

Ah! Christmas time is here, and the words of the Christmas carol come to mind; people passing, children laughing, meeting smile after smile and in the air there is a feeling of Christmas. Christmas a time of joy, peace, sharing and understanding is here again.

Christmas is the most joyful season in a Christian’s life as it offers an opportunity to renew our life and fill it with loads of love and affection.

Jesus the prince of peace is going to arrive, may his peace sail into our hearts like a feather so light and make our spirits anew.

Sharing is caring, and Christmas time is a season to share, not only things, but affection, with all those who are in need. “a generous heart” is what we have to change our hearts into.

Xmas also is a time for homecoming. Many of our Goan youth and family members are abroad and this season is one where most rush back home to be with their loved ones. Families wait eagerly to see and be with their loved ones. Not only is the home decorated with trees, cribs and tinsel but the food preparations start much in advance. Roasts, Vindaloos, Xacutis, Neuris , kulkuls and many more adorn the table. The aroma of these foods cooking sends everyone into a tizzy.
Nowadays however, Christmas is just another season that gives us a reason to party and enjoy. We have lost the real meaning of Christmas amidst all the fancy celebrations, clothes and foods. No more is there time for family; it is more a time for parties and dances. The old and the poor are forgotten and it is only a handful who realise the actual meaning of Christmas.

This is a season to change redeem especially for those people who wrap their cold, uncaring hearts in chains, chains of greed, bigotry, contempt, apathy and selfishness.

There stands an urgent need to bring about a change in our ways. Can we all come together in making this Christmas of 2012 a memorable one? Lets join our hands this spiritual season, lets commence by changing ourselves by lending a helping hand to the unfortunate, lonely and cold, only then can we find the true meaning of Christmas in our lives.

Gillian D’Costa
Std X, St. Joseph School, Chandor