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Welcome to Goacom, Goa’s premier internet gateway! For the past Twenty years Goacom has become a favourite with viewers around the world looking for Goa related News, Goa video news, information on Tourism in Goa, Goan recipes, Goan colourful feasts & festivals, and all things Goan.

If you desire any other information on Goa, or wish to contribute Goan news from your part of the world, click here or just simply please drop us a line.
GOACOM had its genesis in Toronto, Canada when a group of Goans got together in 1995 for a seminar on the internet. The meeting was held in the Board Room of Dr. A.J. de Mello’s medical building. Click here to read more about that meeting.

GOACOM was officially launched on November, 18, 1995, by the Deputy Chief Minister of Goa, Dr. Wilfred de Souza, during his visit to London (UK) at a meeting of Internet enthusiasts organized by Eddie Fernandes. GOACOM continues to be Goa’s premier portal and attracts over 5 millions hits a month from around the world.

Whether it is Goa related news in video format or text, Goan recipes, “What’s On in Goa” you will find it all here.