Acharya’s busy schedule with CEC delayed mining data collection: CM



The Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar on Saturday said the full time ‘duty’ of the director of mines and geology, Mr Prasanna Acharya in the service of the Supreme Court as well as its Central Empowered Committee (CEC),

since the past two months is responsible for the delay on the part of his government in preparing correct mining data of the past.
The Chief Minister was reacting to the accusations from Justice M B Shah Commission that the Goa government is providing ‘inconsistent and contradictory’ figures on mining. The Commission also observed that it was disappointed with the state government due to such behaviour.
Stating that the erstwhile government had failed to maintain the correct information, including figures as regards mining activities in the state, the Chief Minister said that in some cases, no documents exist and the government needs to recreate these documents by collecting the information. “And then this information needs to be co-related to so many things as the re-created documents should be exactly matching the past mining activities,” he added.
Reiterating his assurance given to the state assembly that a team of chartered accountants would be constituted with the advice of the state unit of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for undertaking the audit of the returns related to all ore exports vis-à-vis mine extraction in Goa, during past five-six years, Mr Parrikar said that the government is in the process of creating such a team, which is not an easy task. “We definitely need to audit these activities,” he maintained.
The Justice M B Shah Commission also maintained that it was looking for figures pertaining to the export and production of iron ore between 2006 and 2011, but the same as well as the details provided on transfer of leases are also confusing.
Speaking further, the Chief Minister said that his government has all figures ready as regards whatever mining activities had taken place during past eight months. “However, the mining facts and figures before this period are either vague or do not exist,” Mr Parrikar said, adding that as the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, he had pointed out same discrepancies on the part of the department of mines and geology. “Exactly that is why the then director of mines and geology, Mr Arvind Lolyekar was placed under suspension by my government,” he remarked. 
The Chief Minister also said that he would bring the particular dilemma of his government to the notice of the Supreme Court; a dilemma wherein his government cannot compile the information as regards the mining activities in the state during past few years. “I just cannot do it in the absence of the director of mines and geology since he is busy constantly supplying information as demanded by the CEC appointed by the Supreme Court,” he concluded. [NT]