There are many who have played a part in this work — my wife Elsie, who helped with the checking and collating of the manuscript; our children (Clyde, Andrew, Josey and Pollyanna) who were extremely patient and understanding while I did the typing often at odd hours of the day; my cousin Jock Sequeira gladly did the proof-reading, while another cousin, Naty D’Sa and a relative Fiona Robinson, provided the sketches. To them all my very sincere thanks are due.

I am particularly indebted to Sir Richard Turnbull, GCMG,  for his encouragement and continued interest ever since the idea of writing the book was first conceived. He has, very patiently and painstakingly, read through the many pages of the rough manuscript on more than one occasion, and offered some very valuable and helpful advice at every stage.

For the great interest he has shown, and particularly his  willingness to write the Foreword to my humble effort, I can-only say, ASANTE SANA BWANA.

Sir Richard Turnbull held several distinguished positions in East Africa —  Minister of Defence & Internal Security, Chief Secretary and Acting Governor of Kenya, Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Tanganyika, and first Governor-General of independent Tanganyika (later renamed Tanzania). He was also Chairman of the Land Board of Kenya, and latterly British High Commissioner in Aden (now the Republic of South Yemen).