Act against Vasco school official: CM

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has directed the investigating team to initiate action against the Vasco school official for his insensitive statement about the minor, who was sexually assaulted on January 14 in the school campus.

Speaking to a national news channel today, Parrikar said, “I have asked the police to take cognizance of the official’s comment. The minor rape victim is brave, but that does not reduce the heinous nature of the crime.”

The official had reportedly told the father of the seven-year-old ‘Nothing major has happened to your child and she is all playful’, when he had gone to the victim’s house to hand over the Rs 5 lakh fixed deposit to the father, as part of medical and financial assistance assured by the school management.

Reacting to allegations that the school had washed off the forensic evidence soon after the alleged incident, Parrikar said: “Police have assured that action will be taken against the headmistress and others. It is unacceptable that evidence has been destroyed.”

Meanwhile, DIG, O P Mishra said they have added Section 201 (destruction of evidence) of the IPC in addition to the existing sections in the FIR.

He however refused to name the person(s) from the school against whom the section is invoked.

The school authorities, it is alleged, had bathed her and washed her clothes after the alleged assault.

Denying that police were delaying arrests in the case, Mishra said: “The investigation is tedious. It is a blind sexual assault.” [H]