Act immediately against housing society: Chimbel residents


The inaction against the Aman Co-operative Housing Society for releasing sewage into the open dominated the Chimbel gram sabha on Sunday with villagers warning the panchayat authorities to act fast before public patience runs out.
Initiating the discussion, Lourdes Conception sought to know why action was still not initiated by the panchayat even though the villagers have been raising the issue of sewage overflow onto the road by the society for the past several gram sabhas.
However, Secretary Rajendra Gawas said the panchayat has completed all the legal formalities but the Electricity Department and the PWD have failed to disconnect the power and water supply to the society despite the panchayat directing them to do so.
“The Electricity Department, in turn, sent a notice to the Betki PHC which, in turn, has given a 30-day deadline to the society to solve the problem or face further action,” he added.
However, Conception laughed off at this merry-go-round exercise undertaken by the authorities and alleged that these are only delaying tactics and an attempt to save the housing society.
“I had already complained to the Health Department highlighting the problem of sewage overflow in March 2012 and there was no necessity to approach them again in the matter,” he chided.
After a lengthy discussion, it was decided to call the chairman of the society and the villagers for a meeting in the panchayat so that the issue is resolved at the earliest.
The boundary dispute with Merces was also discussed prominently with villagers seeking to know what action the panchayat has taken to resolve the issue.
Replying to the question, acting Sarpanch Chandrakant Kunkolkar said the panchayat has already given a strong reply to the Merces Panchayat for its claims over parts of Morombi-O-Grande areas, which are currently governed by Chimbel.
“We have also sought the intervention of the Directorate of Panchayats to resolve the issue at the earliest,” he added.
However, the villagers suggested that the panchayat should take legal recourse in the matter.
Earlier, a budget for 2013-14 of over Rs 16 lakh was discussed and passed at the gram sabha. However, Paul Fernandes took exception to the practice of the panchayat in preparing the budget estimates without the participation of the people.
Tukaram Kunkolkar also took a swipe at the panchayat for placing the budget at the gram sabha before putting in place a development plan for the village. [H]