Activist threatens to sue Goa, Maharashtra over Tillari


An activist lawyer has threatened to drag the Goa and Maharashtra governments to the courts in case they do not solve the Tillari imbroglio “within a week.” He is demanding the release of water from the Tillari Dam – a joint project between the neighbouring States – to the Goa area.
Speaking to the media today  the advocate, S N Joshi said that he would file a writ petition in the High Court and demand release of water from the Tillari dam to Goa in case the governments of both the States do not resolve the issue.
0px; font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium; text-align: justify;">The state has already paid Rs 1,154 crore as its 77 per cent share of its agreement, claimed Joshi, arguing that there was no provision in the agreement to provide jobs to people displaced by the project.
Alleging that the Maharashtra government is not making sufficient efforts to resolve the issue, Joshi said that the project situated in Maharashtra was a major source of supply of water for irrigation to entire North Goa and due to non-release of water thousands of farmers were suffering and crops and gardens had started drying up.
It may be noted that the Water Resources Department (WRD) on Wednesday began work to provide alternate water supply to the farmers affected by Maharashtra government’s delay in releasing Tillari water to Goa.
The officers were also in the process of supplying water to the farmers with the help of kerosene pumps. [H]