Activists dig up MoI issue, set Jan 2 deadline


The Get Well Soon group, which spearheaded the agitation against erstwhile Congress government’s decision to make English as medium of instruction (MoI) at the primary level, has now targeted Manohar Parrikar-led government for failing to resolve MoI issue, even after nine months in power. The group has given a deadline till January 2, for coming out with a concrete solution over the matter. 
BJP-government, soon after coming to power, came out with what sounded to be a ‘political’ solution to MoI, wherein it declined to give formal legitimacy to English as MoI at the primary level but announced a policy to continue government grants to 106 diocese primary schools which were, prior to June 10, 2011, imparting primary education in Konkani but (in anticipation of a change in former government policy) simultaneously shifted to English and started English-medium primary classes.
The move was strongly condemned by pro-local language supporters. 
The Get Well Soon group on Monday held a meeting of its core members, where it was said that government was given ample time to resolve the issue, but it failed to do so. They alleged that government is still sleeping over the issue even as the new academic year comes knocking.
“It has been nine months since the new BJP government has taken over the reins of the State. But the MoI issue has not yet been resolved. All promises made by the government on this issue have turned out to be hollow,” the group said, through a press note.
The meeting resolved to give the government seven days to define the concrete steps to end the impasse. They have threatened that if government does not come out with a concrete solution to this by January 2, then, there will be a major expose of the foul administration of the government.
The group has claimed that they are in possession of some concrete proofs that would expose the blatant lies of the government on the issue and the group will come out with proofs at the right time.
“The government wants to convert 130 primary schools to English through the back door and there are vested interest groups working in back channels to achieve this. All this will definitely have a disastrous effect on the future generations of Goa,” the press note reads. [H]