Activists favour rehab scheme for rape victims


With rape cases on the rise in recent times, activists have favoured rehabilitation of the victims to face the future and live a life with dignity.
Social activist Precopio Fernandes said the government should come out with a rehabilitation plan for the victims and not just shed crocodile tears. “I know of a rape victim, whose life has been shattered by the incident. The police are conducting the investigations, and the accused is behind bars. The victim is passing through a trauma, having no job and with poor family background”, Fernandes said.
He pointed out that unless the government works out a rehabilitation scheme, the victims will not be able to live a dignified life.
Women’s right activist, Auda Viegas echoed similar sentiments and endorsed a rehabilitation scheme for the rape victims. “I am of the strong opinion that counselling and rehabilitation should be worked out by the government for the benefit of the rape victims. A scheme is being worked out by the government for the rescued commercial sex workers. I am of the opinion that rehabilitation and counseling scheme should be in place for the rape victims as well”, Auda said.
Margao had witnessed two rapes in the last month – one of a HSS student and the other, a 21-year old girl from Salcete, who was allegedly raped by her supervisor on Goa Liberation Day.  [H]