Agonda Sarpanch Dajula Pagi voted out


Agonda Sarpanch Dajula Pagi was voted out of office in a no-confidence motion by 5-1 votes.
Though four panchas, including the deputy sarpanch, had signed the no-confidence motion, it was however passed by 5-1 votes after holding a brief discussion on Monday.
A male panch from the ruling group remained absent in the seven-member panchayat during the meeting. Sarpanch Pagi was the lone member opposing the no-confidence motion against her.
It may be recalled that the signatories to the motion had accused the sarpanch of not taking them into confidence in panchayat matters.
Canaocna BDO Extension Officer Biva Velip presided over the meeting in the presence of Panchayat Secretary Damodar Kankonkar. Later, Velip informed Pramod Phaldessai as the acting sarpanch till a new sarpanch is elected.
Panch Navnita Naik Gaunkar is likely to be elected as the next sarpanch of Agonda panchayat (post reserved for women), being the only other woman panch.  [H]