Agriculturists to visit Israel


Two agriculture officers from agriculture department are part of an Indian delegation of agricultural officials which is currently visiting Israel, to have a firsthand experience of farming and irrigation techniques successfully adopted in that country. 
The two officers are among, over 36 officers from more than 18 states.
Israel has made rapid strides in the field of agriculture, going from an importer of food to being an exporter and that too when most of its terrain is dry and arid. Their techniques of irrigation and cultivation in dry soil are admired around the world. 
The National Israel Tourism Office has in the past promised to work closely with the Goa government to promote exchange of information and ideas between the two governments. Tourism Minister Suresh Parulekar had expressed interest in the Israeli model of rural self sufficient tourism that he said could be replicated in Goa. 
The Agriculture department officials are expected to bring back ideas and workable techniques that can be experimented with here in Goa. [H]