Aldona BJP block expresses solidarity with Ticlo


The Aldona Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) block has expressed its full solidarity with the Aldona MLA, Mr Glen Ticlo, and has lashed out at the elements who are trying to create discord by raking up his foreign origin issue.
At a BJP block meeting of Aldona held at Nachinola, on Sunday evening, prominent panchayat members of all panchayats in the Aldona constituency turned up and declared that they were strongly  behind their MLA and the foreign origin issue was nothing but the handiwork of some vested interests who had some personal rivalry with Mr Ticlo.
Aldona BJP block president, Mr Franky Carvalho, said that Mr Ticlo was a pure Indian and nobody should have doubts about this.
He said that ever since Mr Ticlo got elected he began doing good work in Aldona and stopped corruption and goondagiri and this did not go down well with some people, who raked up his foreign origin issue.
Mr Carvalho said that all voters in Aldona were fully acquainted with Mr Ticlo and knew him very well and no matter what some said about his disqualification people would never believe it.
He said that all panchayats in Aldona were strongly behind Mr Ticlo.
On his part, Mr Glen Ticlo dared those who have filed the disqualification petition against him to prove the charges.
“There is no need to disqualify me. On my own I will step down as an MLA if the charges are proved in the court of law,” Mr Ticlo said adding some people were frustrated over his performance and were trying all possible ways to tarnish him and defame him by leveling all sorts of allegations against him, and said that only time would tell whether these charges had even an iota of truth. 
“Let me stress that I am a pure Indian, merely by being born elsewhere one does not become a foreign national,” he said.
He also said that he is not worried and so his voters should also not get worried as this is the handiwork of some frustrated people. [NT]