Aldona shopkeepers refuse to abide by eviction notice


Around 15 shop keepers who are running their businesses in the Aldona market complex, are up in arms against the move initiated by the Aldona panchayat to evict them and have further demanded that the panchayat withdraw the said move.
At a gram sabha meeting held on Sunday, almost all the shopkeepers turned up to voice their opinion. Anticipating trouble, the panchayat sought police protection and a large posse of police was seen at the gram sabha; however, there was no chaos or noise as was expected.
The shopkeepers however demanded to know on what basis the panchayat had issued this eviction order and also the relevance of the notice. It was also pointed by the shopkeepers that other than asking them to evict the premises within 30 days, there was nothing else specified on the eviction notice. Acting sarpanch, Mr Charudutta Panjikar, tried to clear the air by saying that this notice to evict them was served to them by an advocate. This enraged the shopkeepers who demanded with the panchayat that they be taken into confidence before any plan was pursued regarding the demolition and reconstruction of the market complex.
Ms Panjikar agreed and said that when such a situation arises they would be consulted. There was a bit of chaos over the passing of the budget, where locals objected to the approval of the budget. This subject was later postponed and it was decided that the budget discussion would be taken up for discussion at the next gram sabha meeting. [NT]