Alexyz caricaturing at Kumthall by the Mhadei river


 On Sunday, the 9th of December 2012, Eco Treks Goa, organised a trek to Kumthall village, by the Mhadei river. The Mhadei becomes the Mandovi River as it flows downstream. The 50-odd trekkers crossed the Mhadei where it was the shallowest… just about knee-deep water gurgling along pebble-strewn stretch. On stepping into the cool waters, we forgot all that walking… nearly 6 kms… with quite a bit through uphill vegetation as well. Durgadas Parab and a bulk of the trekkers enjoyed the dip/swim/splashing the water at the safer part of the waters. Alexyz, as usual, began sketching caricatures… Here's probably the first one, and several others followed, particularly after the delicious village lunch at a house in Kumthall. Nearly by the tullas, served on a green banana leaf was freshly cooked rice, dal, mug bhaji, radish bhaji, miskutt, with delicious manngannem as a desert. Mats were spread for the trekkers to sit on to dine. We rested for a while after the rather heavy, pure veg lunch at the courtyard. The sit-out was freshly paved and smeared with cowdung. Before we left, the host family served us tea and just-fried kanda bhajias. Everyone enjoyed the home-cooked food throughly, many recalling nostalgically what life in a Goan village used to be, and why people happened to be contented and healthy back in those good ole days. It was a jolly group of enthusiastic trekkers, including people from various professions; there was a couple of doctors too; and Martin, who has been on a three-year-long trekking expedition, specially along the most interesting hill ranges and mountains in the world. (Photo  Courtesy By Joel D'souza)