Alina calls for protecting ozone layer


Environment and Forest Minister Alina Saldanha on Friday said that protecting the Ozone Layer should be the goal of every sensible human being, who is interested in living a long life on this planet earth and is concerned about the future generations and concerned about all forms of life on planet earth.
Speaking at a seminar on “Save our Ozone layer” organized by the Lions Club of AVC at the BPS Pavilion here, she said “God has given us a beautiful planet to live on. He has told us to use its resources, its environment, but use it within limits. It is our bounded duty to protect our environment and to make sure we hand over what we have received in the same form of our beautiful nature in the same quality and quantity as it was handed over to us,” Mrs Saldanha said.
Let us take care of our planet earth. Let's protect it for the future generations”.
In his address, Episcopal Vicar Fr Lucio Dias individual members of society can help bring about a change and contribute to the betterment of the environment. 
“Before demanding politicians and government implement policies to protect, let us begin ourselves. Every one should be responsible for the use and abuse of certain products that have negative effect on our nature. Any long trip begins with a first step. Saving ozone layer is a long trip, let us make the first step be part of our everyday life,” he said. [H]