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An evening with the gypsies

Noted musician Manolo, featuring hits of Gipsy Kings is all set to receive a warm welcome in Goa. Considered the new voice of the gypsies, Manolo has given a number of worldwide hits while also stealing hearts with Gipsy Kings classics hits like ‘Bamboleo’, ‘Yobi Yoba’, ‘Volare’, among others. In fact, these hits are still performed at local pubs, clubs and restaurant and whenever these songs are performed, it brings the crowd to the dance floor. From singing along and joining the chorus, to dancing away, these classical hits with their irresistible blend of traditional flamenco, Western pop and Latin rhythms, are enjoyed by Goans.“We’ve grown up to listening to their music. That is perhaps the reason why their songs resonate so much with us even if we may not know the meaning of the lyrics. We just can’t help singing along,” says Karen D’souza from Panjim.
“Their lyrics actually relate to the kind of songs Goan composers have sung. It is about love and human emotions. Take the example of ‘Bamboleo’. ‘Ese amor llega asi esta manera/ No tiene la culpa/ Amor de compra y venta/ Amor de en el pasada’ means ‘This love comes this way/ It doesn’t have fault/ Love to buy and sell/ Love in the past’. Although most of us will just sing the part of ‘Bem, bem bem bem, bem bem bem … Bamboleo bambolea’,” says Jason Rodrigues from Benaulim.He further explains that ‘Porque mi vida yo la prefiero vivir así’ means ‘Because my love, I prefer to live like this’ – another common underlying tone of popular songs, be it Konkani or English, that Goans like to listen to.“I think that style of music appeals to us as we Goans love to dance and it has that quick thumping beat and great vocals. There have been attempts to mimic their style even in Konkani hits, given their popularity,” states Shane Fernandes from Margao.
“Goans love dance styles like Jive and these are the kinds of songs that liven up the party. If there is no one dancing, the band would play these songs and if it’s a normal party or a wedding, these are the songs that would draw the crowd to the dance floor. That is the power of the Gipsy Kings,” adds Maria Figueiredo from Candolim.
For 30 years now, the acclaimed Gipsy Kings have captured the world’s imagination, ever since the release of their self-titled debut album – a record that became a global phenomenon, certified gold and platinum, selling almost 20 million albums worldwide.
Since 1992, television and concerts has made Manolo, who was only a singer then, into one of the most beautiful gypsy voices. His writing, voice and charisma make him the new “Gipsy” that everyone recognises. In December 2010, he left the band Chico & the Gypsies and formed his own group, which would allow him to develop his gypsy art on a large scale. He created his own training and style, which allowed him to give a larger dimension to his gypsy art.
For almost twenty years, he has performed throughout the world and participated in the most prestigious shows in Paris, New York, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Osaka, Moscow, Beirut, Emirates, etc and also shared the stage with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Khaled, Seal, Tina Turner, Celine Dion and the like.Performing in the Spanish language (with a distinctly Andalusian accent), the group is credited with bringing Catalan rumba, a pop oriented music distantly derived from traditional flamenco music, to new audiences around the globe. Their songs have also been used in several Hollywood films and television shows. [H]

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