And… Now Domnic’s MAPUSA

And… Now Domnic's MAPUSA. MAPUSA: YESTERDAY AND TODAY, another fact-filled book written by Domnic Fernandes (Ex-Dharan and Ganv Vaddi-Anjuna), will be launched by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar at the Mapusa Municipality Hall on October 7, 2012, at 4.45 pm. After "Domnic's Goa", it is but natural that many of us eagerly await Domnic's well documented tale of one of Goa's best known towns – Mapusa, famed for its Friday Bazaar, feast of Our Lady of Miracles, Bondgintli Zatra and a host of other things, not forgetting "Mapxenche bhazlele chonne". The book's been published by Goa-1556, the recipient of the privileged Verodiano Award 2012.
BLOG: (Photo Courtesy By Joel D'souza)