Anjuna locals demand strict action against hawkers, migrants

Mapusa: Anjuna-Caisua villagers in a letter to the Chief Minister, Tourism Minister, Anjuna Police and the panchayat have demanded strict action against hawkers and migrants especially Kashmiris in the village.

Accusing the hawkers and vendors of carrying out illegal businesses in the village, the locals alleged that these migrants are also involved in drug trade and prostitution, which has caused nuisance and inconvenience to the villagers and tourists too.

In their complaint, they further stated that the hawkers and vendors also harass tourists by forcing them to buy products.

The locals informed that most migrants are Kashmiris, who stay in rented rooms and move mostly in North Anjuna and St Anthony Praise Vaddo, which is also turning into a drug trade hub.

Stating that due to increasing crimes involving migrants, they said the lives of villagers and tourists is in danger and demanded strict action against the migrants.

The villagers also requested Anjuna Police to deploy more staff especially in and around St Anthony Praise Vaddo to ensure the safety of the people.[H]