Appropriation bill of Rs 12.52 crore passed in assembly


The Goa assembly on Tuesday passed the Goa Appropriation Bill, 2013, earmarking 12.52 crore as supplementary grants to the government for the fiscal year 2012-13. The Bill was passed by voice vote.
The Bill provides for appropriation out of the consolidated fund of the state of Goa, for the money required to meet the expenditure charged on the consolidated fund, for certain purposes and the grants voted by the legislative assembly for expenditure during the fiscal year 2012-13.
The charges on the consolidated fund of the State for which the Bill was approved on Tuesday include police Rs 36.85 lakh, public works Rs 12.11 crore and electricity Rs 3.71 lakh.
It is routine for any government to seek supplementary grants of the assembly during the budget session to meet the expenditure incurred on certain departments for the current financial year. [TOI]