Arambol locals help police in nabbing Nigerians with drugs

Pernem: The locals of Girkarwada in Arambol helped the police to nab a group of Nigerians with drugs on Tuesday. However, the type and quantity of drugs is yet to be revealed.

According to the locals, a group of Nigerians, while sitting at a bar and restaurant in Girkarwada, allegedly disturbed the other customers by making noise.

Therefore, the other customer asked the Nigerians to maintain calm. However, instead of maintaining calm, the group started arguing with the other customers; one of the Nigerians even allegedly assaulted a local Loyed D’Souza. Sensing that the situation was getting out of control, the locals dialled 100 and called the police.

When police reached the spot, the people requested the police to check the vehicles of the Nigerians. And on checking, police found drugs in the dicky of one of the two-wheelers belonging to the Nigerians.

Locals alleged that instead of conducting on site panchanama, the police removed the drug from the dicky and took it to the police station.

When contacted, Pernem PI Harish Madkaikar informed that a case has been registered, but the investigation was ongoing. He said that more details would be shared on Wednesday. [H]