Are primary health care facilities in remote areas a cause for concern?

Yes, they are a cause for concern because all services are not available at centres and there are only general practitioners and no specialists. Specialized services are simply not available. In one case, a patient had to be brought back home because the bed linen was not clean and the patient could not sleep on the bed of a primary health centre. Facilities need to be upgraded and improved facilities will help in reducing pressure on the Goa medical college, at Bambolim.

Maria de Lourdes Bravo da Costa Rodrigues, retired assistant state librarian, Merces

It has been noticed that in certain cases doctors hardly visit centres in remote areas regularly. Even health centres in towns are not properly equipped and there are no proper health facilities for the needy. There should be no shortage of doctors given the number of doctors being produced in the state. The poor are voiceless and powerless.

John Fernandes, advocate, Quepem

Health care in Goa is one of the best in India. Primary health centres, sub-centres, private medical practitioners and allied health care personnel are present in remote areas and doing good services to improve health care. Regular updating of knowledge should be done so that prompt diagnosis can be made. In case patients need further medical care, they can always be referred to higher centres in urban areas. So, I feel that with regular updating of knowleged and good transport facility, health care in rural areas can be improved.

Milind Colvalkar, doctor, Mapusa

Yes. It is definitely a cause for concern. Health care in remote areas in Goa is a very important matter of concern. Despite the existence of a good network in terms of primary health care centres and roads, the attention given to patients is still poor. Those that are referred to urban hospitals for better care don't receive adequate facilities due to the lack of influence or education. Providing primary health care in a place like Goa should be easy, however, patients continue to suffer as they cannot articulate their problems properly. Doctors and paramedical staff are majorly responsible for this scenario.

Awdhut Prabhudessai, doctor, Colomb [TOI]