Areal rally to oust Varca


 Sao Jose de Areal came from behind to knock out Varca SC 2-1 and enter the quarter-finals of Wilred Leisure Super Soccer at DYSA grounds, Curtorim on Thursday.
It was Varca who led 1-0 at half time through a good goal scored by Tennison Rosa in the 11th minute of play off a pass from Romeu Pereira.
Areal, however, came back very strongly in the second session and carried the day through goals scored by Silvester Carvalho (46th minute) and Leopoldo Gomes (69th minute). Aggio Antao was the provider for the Areal team in both the goals they scored to earn this hard fought win. Silver Carvalho of Areal was adjudged the man-of-the match.
Varca had quite a few chances to find the mark but wayward shooting deprived the team of some good opportunities to score.
Both the teams had equal share of  ball possession but Areal succeeded in carrying the day as they utilised the chances that came their way, even though it was a close contest and could have been any body’s day.
The teams matched each other well in all the departments of the game but the Areal lads were superior in their shooting abilities and pounced on the chances that came their way.
Areal started in the right earnest by preferring to go in for an attacking game but the tight Varca  defence did not give much room for the Areal forwards to have a clear look at their goal. However, it was the Varca team that took an early lead which proved futile in the end as Areal lads prevailed with two fantastic goals.
The goalkeepers of both the teams who had some anxious moments pulled off some spectacular saves.
Receiving a neat pass from the right, Varca striker Tennison Rosa moved fast and found the mark to give his team the lead.
However, Areal had other ideas in the second session and had the last laugh as they scored two classic goals to carry the day and move into the quarters. As the Areal team kept a scorching tempo in the last quarter of the match, Varca defence tended to lose concentration which was their undoing and buckled under sustained pressure.
In the first few minutes of play, Varca lads appeared to be in command, but very soon Areal took control of the proceedings and moved inside the rival territory with meticulous passes.
Keeping the Varca defence on the back foot with diagonal passes, Areal  lads began to have sway and control the proceedings well to turn the scales in their favour. [NT]