Aristocratic Goan Homes

There are sevAristocratic Goan Homeseral dozens of very stately mansions in Goa, most of which were built in the 18th and 19th centuries. There are also several hundred smaller mansions spread out amongst Goa's numerous villages. They usually have large sized two or even three reception halls, dining halls, several bedrooms, a "balcao" or verandah overlooking a well-maintained garden as well as a flight of steps located in the centre leading to the garden and balcao. A common feature of many of these homes was the presence of a small chapel within it. Unfortunately, many of these homes have fallen into disrepair given the enormous cost of maintaining them. In order to cover their expenses, many homes have been opened to the public. Below is a picture of Inacio Sebastiao da Silva's house in Margao that was built in 1785.

Photo courtesy of Nikolas Pollak, Austria.