Assad Roast (Goan Pork Roast)

Assad Roast (Goan Pork Roast)

Introduction :


Ingredients :

Use Mutton (boneless) or Pork with fat in one piece – 1kg
Use Salt – to taste
Use Ginger – 1"piece
Use Garlic – 10flakes
Use Turmeric power – 1/2tsp
Use Ground Pepper – 1tsp
Use Ghee – 2tbs
Use Spring onions – 5nos
Use Cinnamon – 1"piece
Use Cloves – 5nos
Use Dry red chillies – 4nos


If desired, you can slice the meat before cooking Prick the mutton or pork all over with a fork and rub in a little salt.
Grind ginger and garlic together. Add turmeric and pepper to it. Rub this mixture over the meat.
Heat ghee in a large pan and add sliced spring onion and meat. Fry the meat till golden brown all over.
Then add 1 cup of water, cinnamon, clove and red chillies. Cover and simmer till done and the gravy thickens. Add more water if needed. Slice the pork or mutton piece into small pieces as desire while it is slightly warm. Garnish with roast potatoes and boiled small carrots