Authorities urged to stop illegal sale of Indira Nagar houses


The selling off of houses by 20-point programme beneficiaries at Indira Nagar was brought to the notice of the panchayat at the Chimbel Gram Sabha on Sunday, with a plea that the authorities should help stop such illegal sale.
Raising the issue, Vaz informed that several beneficiaries are selling off their houses for over Rs 15-20 lakh to prospective buyers.
“These buyers then conduct business of flowers, vegetables, fruits, etc, and also give rooms on rent,” he said and added that with the addition of more people, there is additional pressure on the already crumbling infrastructure in the area like overflowing garbage and sewage.
“The demography of the area has also changed considerably and these people now bully the original beneficiaries,” Vaz further alleged.
He then urged the panchayat to inform concerned authorities like the Mamlatdar, Collector and the BDO if they come across such illegal sale of houses and also not to transfer house tax registered in the name of the original beneficiaries to the name of the buyers. [H]