Auto rickshaw operators feel the heat as too many vehicles lead to reduced trips


As too many rickshaws are operating in the city, it has been found that it is affecting the profit margin of the operators.
“There is no need for more auto rickshaws as the stands have been occupied fully to the parking limit,” said Mr Arun Desai, transport director.
To improve the earnings, Mr Desai further said that rickshaw operators are advised to start “point to point” service charging fixed rates from the commuters, for instance from KTC Bus stand to CCP Market or to Altinho, the rickshaw operators should charge as per the points with fare boards displayed on every stand.”
A source from the transport department informed that 203 auto rickshaw permits have been issued till date in the city and 3932 auto rickshaw, including goods carrier, have been registered in the state and presently permits are not being issued.
According to city rickshaw operators, too many rickshaws are in operation and most of them carrying out business with very less profit margin.
Many admitted that there is no much scope in this business and said “it all depends on luck to get the passengers.”
Auto rickshaw operators told that they “face severe hardships in getting sufficient business due to the less number of people traveling through auto rickshaws” and many pointed out that  “city and towns  — Panaji, Margao, Vasco, Ponda and Mapusa are very small as compared to places like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Mangalore, Belgaum where people frequently travel by rickshaws and the rickshaw operators get customers wherever they go, but in Goa we have to come to stand and have to wait for at least three hours to get passengers.”
A rickshaw operator, Sadanand said that “in a day, we hardly earn Rs 200 after toiling for 12 hours. In Goa there is rent a motorcycle and rent a car service besides good bus services.  Tourists prefer to hire a 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler thus leaving the auto rickshaw operators high and dry.”
Another rickshaw operator said the indiscriminate fares discourage many commuters from choosing rickshaw as a means of transport. [NT]