‘Ayurved can cure chronic renal failures’


 Is Ayurved a solution to the Chronic Renal Failures (CRF) reported in Canacona taluka and an alternative to dialysis?
Yes, says Ratnagiri- based Vaidya Raghuveer Bhide, who claims to have found a solution to CRF with an Ayurved solution. That’s not all. Bhide claimed that around 23 patients from Canacona who were treated with Ayurved have shown successful results so far and requested the government to take to Ayurved to solve the CRF problems plaguing the Canacona populace.
Cost-wise, Bhide says the use of his medicine cost less than Rs 2000 per month per patient. “The medicine can give relief from hardship from going through dialysis”, he said, adding that the Goa government will save crores of rupees spent on dialysis – approximately Rs 15,000 per month per patient.
Bhidge came to know about CRF cases in Canacona way back in 2009 and came down to Goa and examined a few patients to get first hand information of CRF cases. Through research, he has found a solution, he added. [H]