Bag snatchers on the prowl at Calangute

 Bag snatching by motorcycle-borne persons is on rise in Calangute village. The motorcycle-borne persons have now started targeting foreigners at day time. On Tuesday, two persons on a motorcycle snatched the bag of a foreign couple near St Anthony’s Chapel (Setentional) Calangute and fled from the site. In another incident reported near a hotel in Calangute on Sunday, two persons on a motorcycle snatched the bag containing goods worth 1,210 US Dollars, belonging to a Russian national. According to Calangute Police, Irina Loginova, staying in a hotel in Calangute, complained that the duo covering their faces with masks snatched her bag containing mobile phone, camera, MP3 player, 120 US Dollars and cosmetics, all worth 1,210 US Dollars. Last week, two British couples and a Russian national were the victims of the motorcycle-borne persons. Police is investigating into the matter.  [H]