Beautification drive on Vaddem lake takes off

Vasco parish priest Fr Jose Antonio D’Costa, along with Dabolim MLA Mauvin Godinho, on Monday, inaugurated the beautification drive of Vadem lake, which was always in the news for all the filth flowing into it.

While commenting on the beautification of the lake, Godinho stated that he had fulfilled the assurance given to the residents of Vaddem during election. He assured them that the lake will be beautified further before Christmas and it will see boating and other tourism-related activities.

“The lake is beautified with the help of St Andrew’s Church Vasco Parish Priest Fr Jose Antonio D’Costa and other private parties who helped in funding the project,” he had a word of praise.

Godinho stated that though he was in the opposition, there was no problem when it came to developmental works in Dabolim constituency. So much so, he praised the Parrikar government for passing his two major projects – joggers’ park near SMRC Chicalim and construction of Chicalim Panchayat Ghar.

Fr D’Costa said, “Earlier Rs 55 lakh was spent to beautify the lake but nothing much had been done.”

Mormugao Planning and Development Authority Chairman Krishna Salkar said Vasco, which was once forgotten on the developmental front, was slowly making progress under the new government. He urged the residents of Vaddem to maintain the beauty of the lake and called against throwing garbage in and around the lake. [H]