Beauty And the Bride

Every bride-to-be wants to look her loveliest on her wedding day. A beautiful bride is a memory that people cherish for a long long time. But  the bride must remember that she should not only look her prettiest on the wedding day, she should look the same thereafter too. Personal freshness and hygiene are the keynote to lasting charm and elegance.

Start looking after your skin long before the wedding day by having a proper diet and cleaning your face every night with cleansing cream. Use  cosmetics that are best suited to your skin type. After washing your face with soap and water, rub a piece of ice (wrapped in a clean muslin cloth) all over your face to make sure you do not get pimples.

It is best to have a professional facial done to get freshness and a glow on your face for the day. The bride invariably gets tired before the wedding, because a lot of running around has to be done  – what with all the clothes, jewellery and the rest of the shopping to be done. So it becomes all the more important to give your face a refreshing facial, which is possible only at the beauty saloon.  

Before donning your bridal make-up use ice and skin tonic, and then your foundation mixed with a little bit of moisturiser. But use it sparingly for that luminous look. Do not use a very dark eye-shadow, as that does not photograph well. A touch of blush-on is quite a favourite with every bride, as it adds the needed glow and colour to your cheeks.

To prevent puffy eyes, avoid late nights before the wedding. The face comes very much into prominence on this day. A fresh, glowing complexion reflects the happiness of a beautiful bride. 

For a Hindu bride red and white or red and gold dots on the forehead make her look like a real bride. That is how you will look different from all the other girls who have come all decked to attend your wedding

If your forehead is wide and broad, then any pattern will look nice. For a narrow forehead stick to a small pattern of dots and make the design subtle and less prominent. A larger forehead can support floral, decorative dots.

If your eyes are too closely placed, the dots should start well away from the centre of the forehead and from the central bindi. If they are distantly placed, these dots can be started from either side of the central bindi.

The most popular colours which are also suitable for photographic effect  are red and white. You could use red and gold or red and silver, depending on your saree and work on it. Also, with diamond jewellery you could use red and silver, and the saree should have silver work on it if possible. If the wedding is to take place during the day, then dots of silver or gold will look good, but for the night they will not show up well in photographs, or even otherwise.

With Catholic brides, a light touch of silver or gold dust on the face and neck will add a touch of glamour, especially for a night function.

Make a simple hairstyle. Do not dress your hair in a new style which you haven't tried before. A fantastic hair-do will make you look anything but lovely.Brush your hair vigorously to give it body and shine. Decorate your hair with fresh, fragrant flowers. Avoid the use of setting gels and lotions and if you decide to pin up your hair, make sure it is absolutely firm. 

 It is better to do with less hair spray and setting lotion on your wedding day. Use a hair  piece instead so that your own hair is free of much of the hair spray and backcombing and remains soft and silky. 

Ordinarily, eye make-up has a special importance, but more so for the bride – specially with all the sparkling jewellery and dazzling bridal attire. The eyes should attract a lot of attention. 

Avoid using a dark eye-shadow on the upper lid. To make the eyes look larger and brighter, use a luminous eye-shadow on your wedding day. Eye-lining in black, dark brown or dark blue would be a suitable contrast to the eye-shadows used. Try using a coloured, frosted eye-shadow pencil on the lower lining. This can look very effective. And, of course, use mascara to give your eyes that final touch.

A body massage is also very relaxing and useful. You could mix 4 ounces of olive-oil with 2 ounces of almond-oil to massage the body with, paying special attention to the back, neck, knuckles, toes, elbows and knees.
The underclothes for the day should be perfumed before the bridal attire is worn.

Do not forget to dab perfume on your feet, under the toes, on the legs, arms, and behind the ears. Avoid spraying perfume once you have your bridal attire on, lest you stain it. 

As you know, the regular use of an under-arm deodorant, as well as brushing your teeth twice a day will help you remain fresh all the time. 

Use a good perfume on the palms of your hands and on the soles of your feet, besides wherever else you want to.

Use a good lip-gloss, a frosted gold eye-shadow and a frosted blush-on  this day.

A professional help to your make-up at this time is always  a far better choice than leaving everything to your friends. Remember, too many cooks spoil the broth. 

Besides, a regular manicure and pedicure are not to be forgotten. If you have started waxing your legs and arms, keep it up.

The same goes with regard to growth on the upper lip, if any. Have superfluous hair on the upper-lip, arms, legs and underarms waxed two days before your wedding day. A facial should be done one day before, and also the shaping of the eyebrows along with it. 

 Avoid exposure to the sun as this will tan your complexion, besides making your skin dry and rough. 

Take a little time off every day, a couple of months before the wedding where you can concentrate on sprucing yourself up and preparing for the day.

After all, for most Indian women, weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime affair. And if you have paid any heed to the suggestions given above, you are about to bewitch that once-in-a lifetime groom of yours.

  By Shyla Lopez