Introduction :


Ingredients :

Use 600ml coconut milk extracted from a large coconut
Use 400g sugar
Use 9 egg yolks
Use 150 g flour (sieved)
Use ¼ tsp. nutmeg powder
Use 100g butter or pure ghee
Use A pinch of salt


Extract only thick juice from the coconut, using 600ml hot water. Pass through a fine muslin cloth.
Add sugar and stir till sugar has dissolved. Add yolks, one at a time and mix thoroughly. Mix in flour and salt till no flour lumps are left. Sprinkle nutmeg powder.
Burn 1 tablespoon sugars on slow fire, stir continuously, add 2 tablespoon warm water and stir briskly. Cool.
Take half a cup of coconut milk mixture, mix cooled caramelised sugar and pour into the coconut milk mixture.
Once again pass the whole mixture through the muslin cloth. Heat the oven at gas mark 4.
Take a baking pan, preferably a round one. Put 2 or 3 heaped tablespoons butter or ghee into it.
Add half a cup of batter and bake it for 12 or 15 minutes. Spread a little butter on the baked layer, switch off the oven and grill the second layer for 3 or 4 minutes.
Continue, greasing, layering and grilling till all the batter has been used up. Cool thoroughly and turn on a wide plate.